Learning Thursday, 02 Feb 2023

Getting Down to Business

Year 8 Business and Economics students have kicked off their studies this year with a challenge inspired by Canadian Blogger Kyle MacDonald. Kyle MacDonald successfully managed to engage in a series …

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Monday, 30 Jan 2023

Time Moves Quickly

Amongst the many special moments last week, I noticed the Year 12s being proactive in their commitment to leadership, making every day count and knowing they can pave the way for a memorable year ahe…

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Coming Up Friday, 27 Jan 2023

Coming Up in Week 2

It has been a fantastic Week One for all our staff, students and caregivers! The infectiousenthusiasm in the classrooms, playgrounds and sporting fields saw old friendships rekindled and new ones blo…

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Learning Wednesday, 25 Jan 2023

New Year Resolutions, Broken Bones and Bad Habits

Every year on 1 January, people around the world proclaim their New Year’s Resolution. This tradition is an ancient one, with many cultures and religious groups sharing a similar ritual throughout th…

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Principal's Message Monday, 23 Jan 2023

Welcome to the 2023 School Year

A warm welcome to 2023. I certainly hope everyone had a joyful Christmas in addition to some relaxation and time for family and friends over the break.

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Coming Up Thursday, 19 Jan 2023

Getting Started at ATC

We deeply value our partnership with caregivers and look forward to another positive year in support of your son. We need your help to transition your son back to school as, for boys at least, they w…

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Principal's Message Tuesday, 06 Dec 2022

Every Ending Comes With New Beginnings

A special time is when we put up our tree and decorations together as a family. We always get a real pine tree that fills our house with a fantastic aroma and is a wonderful place of evening contempl…

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Coming Up Tuesday, 06 Dec 2022

Coming Up in 2023

2023 Homeroom classes All students in Years 5 to 9 were allocated their new homeroom at the end of 2022, and where possible, to their new homeroom teacher. Logistics will not allow these details to …

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Learning Monday, 29 Aug 2022

Year 7 Arts Day

Blind experimental ink creations with a mix of observational contour drawings were the focus of our Visual Art workshop. There were toy animals being brought to life on paper across NJ Hall and the c…

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