As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition our mission and culture are informed by the mission of Jesus and the Edmund Rice charism.

We are a faith community committed to excellence in spiritual formation. Our contemporary retreat program is designed to make Jesus’ message of compassion, justice and love an active reality and provide purposeful opportunities to live and grow as a ‘Signum Fidei’ (Sign of Faith). The year level retreats are held on a day throughout the year best fitting with the theme for that particular year level. The Retreat program provides students with the opportunity for self growth, and developing an understanding of themselves and others.

Year 4

Luke 10: Who is my Neighbour?

The Good Samaritan is used as the central Gospel passage to allow students to explore the notion of friendship, camaraderie and courage. Boys are introduced to the concept of being ‘Upstanders’ and explore the story of Edmund Rice and our own College history.

Year 5

Psalm 115: Where do I fit in this world?

Using stewardship (Catholic Social Teaching) as a theme, we travel to Rocks Riverside park and reflect on the mission of Edmund, Ambrose and Jesus. Boys understand the hardships that each of these men faced, and then look to reflect on their own challenges and how they can be approached. The boys discover some Irish traditions and games as a part of the day.

Year 6

Romans 12: What makes a leader?

In their roles as Junior School leaders the boys explore Servant leadership and being a ‘Signum Fidei.’ How did Jesus, Edmund and Ambrose lead and how can they lead the Junior School? The retreat is held in the first two weeks of the school year and revisited in the final days of the school year as the transition to Secondary School begins.

Year 7

John 5: Who am I and who do I want to be?

Students learn about important virtues that they can embody in their lives and the relevance of Catholic Social teachings. So often we are an ‘outcomes based’ society, so students are encouraged to consider the theme of ‘Common Good’ to provoke thought on what kind of people they admire most and how can they mature into well rounded young men.

Year 8

Corinthians 13: The importance of Courage

Adolescence can be a time where old friendships are discarded, and new ones formed. How we form positive relationships with those that they work most closely with? What does it mean to be a Man of Courage? How does sacred story shape our lives?

Year 9

The Year 9 Retreat is a co-educational experience. Students travel to Brigidine College and engage in a day of spiritual connection and reflection with Brigidine students. This is an important ritual in encouraging healthy and respectful relationships for our young men. Using Matthew’s Gospel message of supporting the poorest and most marginalised, students will gain an appreciation of one another and how we all need people to support us in our lives.

Year 10

Luke 15: Cohort of Community

The Year 10 group move into the Senior School are asked to come together as a unified group. Despite their differences, students need to be united in the goals, aspirations and efforts. The ‘Cohort of Community’ retreat in Indooroopilly invites our boys to come together as a cohort and learn one another’s stories while challenging themselves to give all that they can to the year.

Year 11

Corinthians 1: Preparing for Leadership

Early in Semester Two, the Year 11 cohort consolidate their formal process of electing leaders. But what makes a great leader? Confidence, courage, hope, optimism, service? Jesus was the ultimate leader and the boys reflect on their own virtues, gifts and talents.

Year 12

John 15: Claddagh Retreat

The final retreat in the nine year program encourages senior students to reflect on their lives, their loves and the future. We know life will be a rollercoaster of emotion and experience. The Claddagh Retreat invites students into the stories of their mentors, their mates and themselves.