At Ambrose Treacy College we believe service is central to the authenticity of our community as it empowers a student's capacity to live his faith through action. We provide a comprehensive service learning program designed to form young men for others through meaningful and challenging opportunities, programs and immersions. Each boy is required to accrue hours of service as they work with, learn from and build relationships with those on the margins.

Our students are provided with a range of initiatives to serve both within and outside our community, and are invited to create additional service learning opportunities as they progress. They reflect upon the nature of their service experiences in light of the stories of Jesus, Edmund Rice and Ambrose Treacy in order to make their message of justice and compassion a living reality. The service learning initiatives are structured, sustained and integrated into our academic curriculum allowing our boys to develop their faith, community connections and academic achievement. The Service Program is a great way to connect with our community and give service to others and their communities. More specifically, each Year level and House group at the College is linked to a particular ‘Friendship Group’ with whom they share experiences, donate funds and become advocates for.

How Does it Work

Your child is expected to record his service hours and then get them verified by his family and staff. After the service hours have been verified they are recorded by their Home Room Teacher, and reported on their College Report. They don't have to undertake the same service activity for the whole year. Your child may choose a number of activities that can be split throughout the year. Regular commitment is still to be shown however there is no purpose in continuing an activity that he dislikes or if his circumstances change. Each student is expected to complete the nominated service hours after which a Service Certificate is awarded to the student.

We would love to celebrate your contribution! Please forward a short description of each service initiative with some images to We will share your good new stories through our social media and blog as well as at College assemblies and cohort gatherings.