Outdoor Education

Ambrose Treacy College believes in the holistic education of the young men at the College. The word ‘formation’ describes the deliberate and intentional development of our young men. In choosing the word ‘formation’ we see that we have an active role in the process of forming young boys into young men, culminating opportunities for our young men to discover who they are, what their purpose in life is and importantly how they can play a positive role in the world that they will live in. Outdoor Education is an important part of forming young men, providing opportunities to be challenged, experience the highs of achievements and learn to deal with the challenges of disappointments.

The ATC Outdoor Education program aims to:

• promote positive relationships between students and their peers, and between students and staff
• challenge students and provide them with opportunities for growth
• promote personal resilience
• develop co-operation, teamwork and an awareness of the benefits of group cooperation and unity
• develop positive attitudes towards conservation and a sense of stewardship of all Australia’s natural environments
• provide opportunities for students to learn and demonstrate leadership
• allow students to have fun

Outdoor Education compliments student endeavours in the classroom and support student participation in other College programs.

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