Religious Education

Through Religious Education we seek to teach in a way that is meaningful for students, but also for life beyond the school gates.

Religious Education prepares students to step beyond the confines of the College grounds, with an understanding of how a story from many generations ago can carry meaning in our lives as they live our school motto “Signum Fidei."

We follow the Religious Education curriculum of the Brisbane Archdiocese from Year 4 to Year 10, we offer the subjects of Religion and Ethics and Study of Religion for students in Years 11 and 12. Ambrose Treacy College endeavours to bear authentic witness to our Catholic tradition with a commitment to the EREA Charter and Touchstones.

Our Religious Education curriculum complements our Formation curriculum and provides opportunities for students to live a Gospel Spirituality through our recontextualised approach to this subject. Religious Education curriculum builds on our connection to local organisations and calls on our students to act for Justice and stand in Solidarity guided by our EREA Touchstones.

The Religious Education program follows the school’s pedagogical framework. This framework calls for students to be equipped “for the responsibilities and challenges of the 21st century” and aspires to “develop empathetic, worldly and highly literate students”, as part of our vision for a Liberating Education. We focus on making Religious Education accessible to all students in our Inclusive Community.

We reflect on the words of Blessed Edmund Rice, “Have courage, the good seed will grow up in the children’s hearts later on” and follow the example set by Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy. Inspired by the Gospel message of Jesus’ love we support our students to grow in faith and shine their light out to the world.

"Too often we participate in the globalization of indifference. May we strive instead to live global solidarity."

— Pope Francis