Faith Life

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, we are called to be a community which lives the Gospel values through our actions. We are a faith community committed to excellence in spiritual formation.

Masses & Liturgies

Sacred stories and rituals are celebrated throughout the year in Mass, ceremony and Rites of Passages. At Ambrose Treacy College, every student and staff member is invited to participate in more than 24 traditional Catholic Mass services, in daily prayer, take part in Feast day celebrations and a number of liturgies centred around important themes. The College offers a Sacramental program in coordination with local parishes and promotes active involvement with the Church for interested families.


At Ambrose Treacy College we believe service is central to the authenticity of our community as it empowers a boy’s capacity to live his faith through action. We provide a comprehensive service learning program designed to form young men for others through meaningful and challenging opportunities, programs and immersions. Each boy is required to accrue hours of service as they work with, learn from and build relationships with those on the margins. Our boys are provided with a range of initiatives to serve both within and outside our community, and are invited to create additional service learning opportunities as they progress.


Our contemporary Retreat Program is designed to make Jesus’ message of compassion, justice and love an active reality and provide purposeful opportunities to live and grow as a ‘Signum Fidei’ (Sign of Faith). The year level retreats are held on a day throughout the year best fitting with the theme for that particular year level. The Retreat program provides students with the opportunity for self growth, and developing an understanding of themselves and others.

Clontarf Academy

Ambrose Treacy College is committed to reconciliation with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We pledge to ‘Close the Gap’ and aspire to assist a range of students and families in Brisbane’s Western corridor. We are proud of the gifts, culture and stories that all our students and staff bring to the College.