Co-curricular Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023

Music is Life

James Muller was awarded the Middle School Musician of the Year for 2023. James performs at an exceptionally high standard on more than one instrument and is dedicated to his craft, investing hours o…

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Co-curricular Thursday, 22 June 2023

ATC Sport Learning Design Principles

Here at Ambrose Treacy College Sport (ATCS), we are passionate about providing our students with the best possible sporting experience we can, so that 1) they fulfill their potential, but more import…

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Co-curricular Thursday, 09 June 2022

Facilitating Lifelong Engagement - from Year 4 Legends to Sport Excellence Program

ATC has a variety of sports on offer across four terms that strives to cater to the interests, abilities, and passions of all students who wish to participate. In addition to term sports, two special…

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