Coming Up Week 6

It has been a monstrous week five. With only four weeks remaining in this semester, assessment tasks are at the forefront for all students. Please assist your child in being organised with the knowledge of what and when assessment tasks are due.

Outside of the classroom plenty has happened this week. It kicked off Monday evening with over 100 family members being enthralled by Mr Gavin Bryce Principal of Craiglsea High School sharing his story of success and managing his own dyslexia. At Tuesday’s College Assembly the student body were in awe of Mr Fintan Keogh sharing his personal story with his son Feargus, and other experiences, concluding with the motto always push hard. These, along with many activities in homerooms and at break times, have focused on Neurodiversity awareness. As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, being an inclusive community is one of the touchstones. It is an area that ATC should be very proud of.

Tuesday evening two of our music groups- Jazz Orchestra and Guitar ensemble performed at the Brisbane Youth Jazz Festival. Their standard was fantastic and they receive glowing comments from the guest reviewer. Gratitude to Mr Jono Bolt and Mr Matt Carpenter for providing this fantastic opportunity to the young musicians.

Wednesday evening a special feel floated across the lawns outside the Edmund Rice building with 400 ATC Mothers gathering for the Mothers in May event. It was a very special evening and one very deserved for the Mums who could attend. In our Catholic faith the month of May is dedicated to Mary, and the significance Mothers play in our lives. I thank Ms Rhonnie Sparkman for her overall planning and coordination of the event. It was also special to have our catering team and the hospitality department involved and the hospitality students did a marvellous job preparing some of the food and serving the food.

Congratulations to the mighty Cross Country team who, with Brigidine College, were crowned the champion school at the recent GBC Cross Country Championships. The runners showed up in record numbers and you could see the hard work they had been putting in at training, with the results they put forward on the day. Well done to the 11 years, 12 years, 14 years and Open teams for winning their respective age groups and to all boys who overtook a runner, 2 or 3 in the last 200m – you showed plenty of heart and with every point gained, you played a big part in the team’s success!

Thursday afternoon we had over 300 families attend our College Tour. I thank all the staff and students who supported sharing the story about ATC. Enrolments are getting fairly tight across many grades so once again I encourage you to spread the word to friends and families to get their applications in as early as possible.

This Sunday we are looking forward to supporting the Dash for Crash Running Festival in support of the Ambrose Treacy College Foundation. We’ve had a great response from students, staff and families. If you have not registered to run, there is still time, register NOW via this link. or you can even register on the day should your circumstances change! Finally, this week we have our Formal School Photo Day so please read the details below and ensure your son meets the uniform and appearance requirements otherwise he will not have his photo taken.

Formal School Photo Day

Our Annual School Photo Day is being held in Week 6 on Thursday 25 May. After feedback from the process in 2022, our photographer shall be present on campus to take all individual and homeroom class group photography on this day. We are confident that this process will ensure the quality of the product received shall meet parents' expectations.

We ask all parents to please ensure that in support of the College’s Uniform, Hair and Appearance Policy, your son is dressed in formal day uniform (blazer, tie and badges required) and their hair and appearance is in line with the policy. College Badges should accompany the suit coat and will include:

  • The College Crest
  • The Formation Pillars
  • Learning - Open Book any new student commencing in Years 4-6
  • Service - Celtic Cross any new student commencing in Years 7-9
  • Leadership - Star any new student commencing in Years 10-12
  • The House Badge received in Year 10. 

Please refer to the video as a reference on where and how to wear the badges.   The College badges should only be worn on their suit coat. College Badges should not be worn on the College tie. Replacement badges are available from the ATC Shop at $5.00 per badge. Note. Students who do not comply with the ATC Uniform, Hair & Appearance Policy risk not being allowed in photos. Unfortunately, if students are absent from the photo session there will not be a ‘catch up’ photo day as the Homeroom groups can only be taken on this day.


Orders can be made online at Please refer to the attached flyer on how to place your photo order. To avoid paying extra, please finalise your order by Friday 16th June. Note. Any orders after this date will incur an $18.00 admin processing and handling fee.

Photos are unavailable to view before purchase. If there are any concerns with your photos, please contact Studio Kirby within 10 days of receiving your pack to discuss alternative options.


We endeavour to have all photos delivered to the school and distributed to students approximately 8 weeks from photo day.


Download code & instructions are supplied in your photo pack upon delivery. (Downloads are available for 6 months)


Booklets are available in the A & E Packs. Booklets are 8-pages and include group photo, student portrait and photos from around the school grounds. Note: Booklets are NOT available to order after Friday 16 June. To avoid missing out on this product please finalise your order on-time!


Greetings from Ireland

Chris Ryan is currently in Ireland for the Edmund Rice International Congress along with 250 other Edmund Rice leaders. He has been blessed this week to be immersed in the history of our founder Edmund Rice and has visited the home where he grew up in Callan plus the site of Edmund's first school in New Street, Waterford.

Mr Ryan



Sunday 21 May | Dash for Crash

Tuesday 23 May | Year 5 & 6 da Vinci Decathlon

Tuesday 23 May | Years 10-12 Leinster House Mass

Tuesday 23 May | Reason to Thrive excursion (selected Year 8 & 9 students)

Wednesday 24 May | Biggest Morning Tea

Wednesday 24 May | Year 7 & 8 da Vinci Decathlon

Wednesday 24 May | ATC/St Aidan’s combined workshop/concert

Wednesday 24 May | QLD Youth Music Awards (QYMA)

Thursday 25 May | Formal Photo Day

Thursday 25 May | Junior Drama Evening

Friday 26 May to Sunday 28 May | Year 9-10 QLD Volleyball Schools Cup

Friday 26 May | Junior & Middle School House Challenge

Friday 26 May | Years 10-12 Connacht House Mass

Dash for Crash Charity Run

This is the last chance to register for the Dash for Crash Running Festival, being held this Sunday 21 May 2023, in support of the Ambrose Treacy College Foundation.

This is the third year of the Dash, and we invite you to be part of this legacy event. You may choose to champion the event by attending as a supporter and take part in the BBQ breakfast that will take place at the finish line festivities or buy a ticket in the raffle. We’ve had a great response from students, staff and families so join the ATC and surrounding community to run, jog or walk in support of the Ambrose Treacy College Foundation. If you have not registered to run, there is still time, register NOW via this link.

The Foundation aims to uphold the premise of inclusive education for those of limited financial means. Your entry fee will support the Bursary Fund and enable a young child access to an Ambrose Treacy College education. Any donations will be fully tax deductible and your nominated amount will contribute to a bursary for a young child who may not be able to attend the College otherwise.

Thank you to all of those in our community and surrounds for the generous donations or who have registered to volunteer. Please show these businesses support when making a purchase of goods or services. Look out on the Dash for Crash Event Page for last minute details on the day.  If you have any queries, please contact Marie McMeniman 0409 341 403 or or Helen Hicks

Early Departure for Students

Parents and caregivers are reminded that written permission is to be given to the College, should your child need to leave the College early. Parents and caregivers must provide the reason for any early departure via the absentee email: or submit an Absentee Form via the College App. All students must sign out and back in if returning to the College.

Riding bikes to school

Students who ride bikes to school are reminded to practice road safety by wearing helmets and dismounting from their bike when entering the College grounds. Students are asked to walk their bike to the bike enclosures and to lock them during the day.


Assessment Schedules – Years 4, 5 & 6

Please be advised that the Assessment Schedules for Years 4, 5 and 6 Term 2 are now available in Parent Lounge and Student Café.


Year 4 Showcase

On Tuesday 30 May, Year 4 students will be presenting a showcase of learning from Term One and Two. The aim of the showcase is to celebrate the learning across a number of their core subjects, allowing the boys to share their work with peers and parents. We warmly welcome parents and caregivers to join us in NJ Hall for this event from 8.30am. Light refreshments will be served at 8.45am. Note- Formal school uniform is to be worn on the day. For further information about the activity, please contact Paul Degenkamp, Year 4 Coordinator

Year 8 Geography

The great outdoors beckoned our Year 8 Geography classes last week which an excursion to Palm Beach to investigate coastal erosion and the different management strategies that have been implemented to minimise the loss of sand. Venturing out of the classroom into our physical environment gave added impact to this important study on how development on the foredunes has caused erosion, as well as social and economic issues. Geography is very much an evidence-based subject so our students conducted a number of experiments determining the direction of longshore drift and the stability of dunes. They also created some very detailed field sketches identifying the erosion strategies utilised at Palm Beach. It was valuable experiential learning with the bonus of autumn sunshine!

Year 8 Geo Excursion

Certificate I in Construction

Certificate I in Construction are booked in for an incursion to obtain the competency CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (white card). This is one of the core competencies for the students enrolling in the Certificate I in Construction and will be delivered by EDB training at ATC on Tuesday 18 July. More important details of this day are on the ATC App under the Year Levels tile.

Year 11 Building & Construction

Making concrete coffee table, our Year 11 Building and Construction students began with building a frame for the base and moulding a bench top. Last week the concrete was poured into the frame and it's been a test of their patience waiting for it to go off. The legs of the coffee table will have a varnished finish and when the concrete is set they will be demoulded, cleaned, and have a sealer applied. Boys will be bringing these beauties home so get a spot ready on the back deck!

Year 11 Building and Construction

Last Friday our awesome Year 11 Geography students embarked on an investigation of Urban Geography at Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley. This is an eclectic area with a mixed history of land use from high end Department Stores such as T.C. Beirne and McWhirters (popular until post World War 2), to being the destination for those who love the live music and nightclub scene. The vibrant night life of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and live music venues compete with the daytime retail and commercial spaces within the Brunswick St Mall and this creates a space that in the day, is not one where people would choose to linger. Students learned about how a perception of a place, as well as the limited opportunities for people to sit in the Mall without paying for food or drinks, poses a problem in terms of the use of that public space. Issues of safety due to the night-time use and the past reputation from the Fitzgerald Inquiry days still cast a long shadow on the public perception of this part of Fortitude Valley. It was a great day all round – our excellent presenters from Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre engaged the boys with their wealth of experience and understanding of the dynamics for the area. The boys were engaged throughout the day and provided excellent insight into the issues they could see become evident as they progressed with their gathering of primary data.

Year 10 Geography students went on an epic field trip to investigate the health of the upper catchment of the Nerang River – located in Numinbah Valley at the back of the Gold Coast. The weather on the day was just beautiful – with sunshine and vivid blue sky. Our expert for the day - Ben (a teacher from Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre) guided the students through the issues of land learning, farming, issues of black and grey water from the many old homes located through the Valley and how these can lower the quality of the water. This excursion covered the Geomorphology and history of the Catchment, biological and chemical testing of the water in the Nerang River at various points as well as a visit to Natural Arch and the Glow worm cave. The students were exceptional all day and were active and engaged in the various activities and responding with well thought through ideas about the source of the issues as well as what can be done to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic activity in terms of the health the water flowing down the Nerang River.


This week students have been given the opportunity during Formation to dive deeper into unpacking what neurodiversity, disability and inclusion mean. We discussed that some people’s brains work in different ways, not ‘better’ or ‘worse’, just simply different. Students explored several neurodivergent conditions and gained greater insight into the impacts, strengths, and ways in which they can help support their peers. Some key learnings from this week around the importance of inclusion have been:

1) All students have the right to an education that is accessible and accommodating to their needs.

2) An inclusive school environment teaches students without disabilities about diversity and promotes empathy and understanding.

3) Benefits all! Leads to greater collaboration and teamwork, as students learn to work together and support each other.


Oliver got the thumbs up from his Maths teacher last week and was commended on his engagement and participation in lessons. Mrs Conlan said, "Ollie is keen to bring me his completed homework and revision booklet and in class he asks for assistance when he requires it. I am proud of him taking the feedback from Parent Teacher Interviews and acting on it. This term he is displaying a very positive attitude to Maths and I want to see him keep that up. Well done Oliver!"


A Message from Mr Finn

Uniform and Appearance Expectations

At Ambrose Treacy College we believe that our uniform plays a critical role in fostering a positive learning environment and building a sense of community among our students. Our uniform promotes equality, discipline and a shared sense of identity. There are a considerable number of students without suitcoats, belts, polished school shoes and the required College badges. Similarly, there are a significant number wearing hoodies and incorrect socks. Please ensure that your child arrives at school in the correct uniform and that they understand the significance of wearing it appropriately. Our uniform shop, the School Locker, is stocked with ties and suit coats for any families wishing purchase any uniform supplies.

Please refer to the ATC Uniform Guide as a reference. 

We ask all parents to please ensure that in support of the College’s Uniform, Hair and Appearance Policy, you regularly check that your child has the appropriate haircut and is clean shaven.

Thank you for continued support.

Late to School

Regarding timely School Attendance, at Ambrose Treacy College we believe regular and punctual attendance plays a vital role in your child’s educational journey. School commences daily at 08:25 am. When students arrive on time, they start their day positively, settle into their classroom routines, and benefit from valuable Homeroom time. Late arrivals not only disrupt the learning environment but also hinder your child from receiving the full educational experience. Please ensure your child arrives at school on time each day for any of their commitments including co-curricular rehearsals and training sessions which are also ongoing areas of concern. Students who arrive late to Homeroom without a registered explanation will receive a lunchtime detention. This measure aims to reinforce the importance of punctuality and the impact it has on the overall learning experience of both the late student and their classmates.

Absent from School

At Ambrose Treacy College we believe school attendance is paramount to academic success. Regular school attendance allows students to engage in classroom discussions, collaborate with peers, and actively participate in various activities and projects. When students are absent from school, they miss important lessons, discussions, and opportunities to interact with their teachers and classmates. Please make every effort to ensure your child attends school regularly, barring unavoidable circumstances. If a student has a consistent pattern of absence their respective Head of House will be in contact with their parents to determine how the issue will be managed to ensure that the student does not jeopardise their enrolment at the College.


ATC’s Biggest Morning Tea

It’s estimated that 162,163 Australians were diagnosed with cancer in 2022 – that’s more than 444 per day. That's why it’s more important than ever before to ensure that we’re spreading the word about cancer treatment and research, to prevent late diagnoses and save more Australian lives.

Next Wednesday, 24th May during First Break, is your opportunity to get involved and help. The Year 10 Certificate I Hospitality students will be making and serving morning tea at ATC and all items are only $3!

The Menu – Sicilian slab pizza Brownies Sausage rolls – Beef Rocky road Cookies mini Quiches Raspberry and white chocolate bars. Payment can be made with Student card or Eftpos – no cash permitted.

Beanies 4 Brain Cancer

On Wednesday 31 May, ATC will show our true colours with the Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Day. This is an annual fundraising day for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, the leading voice for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia. As many in our own community have been directly affected by this indiscriminate disease, we are genuine in our efforts to raise awareness and support for this important research organisation. This day coincides with the first State of Origin game for 2023 and students are asked to wear any coloured Beanie or a Maroon or Blue shirt, jersey or scarf to show your support for your favourite team and raise funds for brain cancer research. Please note this is NOT A FREE DRESS DAY, however an opportunity to show support for this important fundraiser. Students are to bring a gold coin donation to homeroom on the day. Should you have any queries please contact Mr Matt Warr, Dean of Faith and Mission.


Leinster House Senior School students will celebrate their House Mass at 8:30am on Tuesday 23 May in the Chapel of St Joseph at 8:30am. This will be a student only event. Students are expected to wear their full formal uniform, including suitcoat and tie, and meet their homeroom teacher in the Chapel at 8:25am to mark the roll prior to the commencement of Mass. Please see further details on the ATC App.

The Connacht House Mass for Senior students will be celebrated on Friday 26 May in the Chapel of St Joseph at 8:30am. This will be a student only event. Years 10, 11 and 12 Connacht students are to wear their full formal uniform, including suitcoat and tie, and meet their homeroom teacher in the Chapel at 8:25am to mark the roll prior to the commencement of Mass. Further details on the ATC App.


As part of the Service Program and Friendship Groups, this year the Year 8 cohort will be working in partnership with Sense Rugby to assist with the delivery of their programs. On Friday we were fortunate to have Mary and Robyn from What Works With Kids OT come in to speak to the Year 8 cohort about Sense Rugby. They explained how through sports-based group therapy sessions they provide an inclusive, safe and supportive environment to empower participants to build confidence, motor skills, sensory tolerances and social connections. Sense Rugby provides an opportunity for all participants to challenge themselves while being active and having fun and our year 8s look forward to continuing their involvement with Sense Rugby sessions throughout the year.

Donation Drive Partnering with Rosie's

Let's brighten the lives of others! The Rosie’s Donation Drive has started and Year 6 have partnered with Rosies - Friends On The Street to help those in need. Paving the way in the Junior School, just as Blessed Edmund Rice did in Ireland 200 years ago, Year 6 are reaching out to those living on margins. For their Service initiative, Year 6 ask for donations of men’s roll-on deodorant (no glass or aerosols) and new blankets (in their packaging.) Please drop these items in the box on the Year 6 veranda and we will work with Rosie's to deliver them to the vulnerable. Thank you for your generosity. Any queries, please email Mrs Hoyer, Year 6 Coordinator.


With a focus on movement and rhythm, Hip Hop Club offers an outlet for students to express themselves through an artform that honours individuality, aesthetics, and creativity. Lessons include various elements of hip hop culture, including rap lyrics, dance techniques, coordination. Students will also get exposure to the history and evolution of hip hop culture, thereby helping them to understand the social and cultural context in which it emerged. Zayden Stevens, ATC Old Boy, has worked alongside industry professionals from a young age and has multiple years of teaching experience. Zayden has been awarded multiple accolades for his choreography and performances and is continuing to build his knowledge after being awarded a scholarship from QUT.

Week 5 Hip Hop


We are continuing with our theme of commit or communicate and we appreciate all students and families support in this area. Our aim is to have ALL sporting participants commit to ALL training sessions and games and if there is a clash or they are unavailable for some reason, to please let your coach, the coordinator or the Sport Office know please. We saw a sensational week last week in that we had 100% attendance/communication in our Basketball program – well done Basketballers.

It is also getting cooler at training sessions and on game days. On these occasions, please make sure you are wearing an ATC hoodie or sports jacket - not a Rip Curl, Adidas, Met West or other style/brand of clothing.

Finally, it has been great to see how well the Cross Country team has grown over the season. We have had record numbers at the morning training sessions as well as those register for the GBC Championships – keep up the great work runners, we are loving your efforts and commitment to the program.


Upcoming Calendar Events

Wednesday 24 May

St Aidan’s/ATC Combined Workshop & Concert

ATC Symphonic Winds & ATC Senior Singers

Wednesday 24 May

Qld Youth Music Awards (QYMA) | St Laurence’s College

Junior Choir

Thursday 25 May

Co-curricular Drama Evening | ER Chapel

Drama students in Years 4-8

Thursday 1 June

Co-curricular Ensemble Evening | 6.30pm | NJ Hall

Flute Ensemble, Percussion Ensembles A,B & C, Clarinet Ensemble A & B, Hot Brass Squad, Guitar Ensemble, Junior Guitars

Please ensure you are subscribed to the relevant Tags on the College App for all reminders and updates.

A reminder from Mr Bolt:

Being committed

  • Be on time (early) for all rehearsals and performances
  • Communicate with your musical directors if you have an issue and are not able to attend a rehearsal, or if you have a clash with another activity and need to work on a reasonable compromise

Being prepared

  • Bring the correct equipment – music, books, instrument
  • Know your parts – practise all ensemble material ahead of rehearsals

Being organised

  • Look ahead at what you have coming up on your calendar, and be aware of assessment due dates, training sessions, games that you have and how you will include practice around this.


P&F Rugby Night Out – Friday 19 May

Tonight is the annual Rugby Family Night Out at Suncorp Stadium, watching the Queensland Reds take on the Auckland Blues in their final home game of the 2023 season. No late tickets are available for purchase. Students who are attending the P&F Rugby Night Out tonight are reminded to wear the ATC PE Uniform or Rugby Jersey.

P&F Meetings

All are invited to join the P&F President, Mr Ben Prain, and the Principal at our meetings on Tuesday evenings once each month. We meet in Mt Sion Library at 6.30pm. Our upcoming meetings are on Tuesday 11 July, 8 August, 5 September, 10 October and 21 November. For any queries, please email the P&F Secretary Catherine 

See you in Week 6!

Mr David Gardiner 

Deputy Principal