What a massive week of celebrations it has been. On Tuesday evening the Celebration of Excellence was a fantastic occasion when we could reflect on the year and acknowledge all the wonderful events that have occurred and the achievements by our young people. On Wednesday, the graduating Year 12s gathered for a retreat and reflection day. The maturity they showed and how they carried themselves at the end of their journey was very impressive. Then on Thursday the community gathered to farewell our senior class of 2023. An early breakfast with staff to provide an opportunity to share their gratitude, into a celebratory hand over assembly to Mass at St Stephen’s Cathedral to a lovely lunch in City Hall. It was a very special day.

What impresses me so much is the combined efforts to make a week such as this go so well. So many moving parts are involved and hence so many teams across the College are required to be a part of the big picture. Thank you to every corner of our wonderful ATC community for the rituals, the respect, the celebrations, and the occasion that this week has been.

Today the other year levels turn their focus to their exam period. It can be a stressful time but comforting, positive words along with an awareness of the exam schedule can assist students in doing their individual best. I wish all the students the best for these important final exams of the year.

A reminder that all students will finish their school year at 12.00pm on Friday 24 November.

Please read on for more upcoming events to ensure you are up to date.

Care & Concern - Helping Out in 2024 Expression of Interest

The ATC community is welcoming and friendly and we believe that when everyone is involved in the Ambrose Treacy life, it builds a strong and connected community. Volunteering is a great way to make friends and meet parents in your child’s year level and by signing up for Care and Concern or getting involved with P&F events, you are investing in your child’s future at ATC. Please CLICK HERE to fill out the ‘Helping Out in 2024’ online form. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of helpers.

Please read on for more upcoming events to ensure you are up to date.


Monday 20 November to Thursday 23 November | Exam Period

Tuesday 21 November | Year 7 Immunisations

Tuesday 21 November | P&F 2024 Planning Meeting

Wednesday 22 November | Year 6 Transition Retreat

Thursday 23 November | Year 4 Reflection Breakfast & Liturgy

Thursday 23 November | Year 4 Milk Bottle Regatta

Thursday 23 November | Year 6 Mass & Celebration

Thursday 23 November | Year 9 Transition Day

Friday 24 November | Last Day of Term 4 (students finish at 12:00pm)

Friday 24 November | Term 4 Christmas Liturgy

Friday 24 November | Christmas Carnival

Office Hours on Last Day of Term (Friday 24 November)

Please be aware that the College Office will be open from 7:30am until 3:00pm on the last day of Term (Friday 24 November).

Year 7 Immunisations

Year 7 Immunisations will be held on Tuesday 21 November at 1.20pm. <more info to be provided>

Personal Details in Parent Lounge

Have you moved house, got a new mobile number, or changed email addresses? Parents and caregivers are reminded to update their contact details and their child’s medical details in Parent Lounge over the December/ January holidays.

Please take note to check your child’s full medical information, including Medicare number, reference number and expiration date is entered, along with your child’s swimming ability. Failure to have this information uploaded may result in your child missing out on important College events or activities.

Lost Property

We have a large amount of lost property in Senior School Reception and Main College Reception. Please ask your child/ children to check for any missing items by THURSDAY 23 NOVEMBER. 

Any remaining items at the end of term will be disposed of over the holidays.  

We strongly advise caregivers and students to carefully label all items with the student's name. If items are labelled, they can easily be returned to the student or retrieved from College Reception. 

Office Hours During December/January School Holidays

Please note that College Reception will close at 3.00pm on the last day of Term 4, Friday 24 November 2023. The College will be closed for the Christmas period from Monday 18 December and will reopen on Tuesday 2 January 2024. At all other times, College Reception will be open from 8am to 4pm.


Year 4, 5 & 6 Laptop Returns

All students in Years 4, 5 & 6 are required to return their laptops, chargers, and bags in the last week of school.   

  • Years 4 & 6 are to return their laptops, chargers, and bags on Tuesday 21 November. 
  • Year 5 are to return their laptops, chargers, and bags on Wednesday 22 November. 

 Year 4, 5 and 6 Laptops will be returned in Week 1, 2024. 

  • Year 5 2024 will receive their current 2023 laptops + their old bag and chargers 
  • Year 6 2024 will receive their current 2023 laptops + their old bag and chargers 
  • Year 7 2024 will receive new laptops and chargers + their old bag 

Year 7, 8 & 10 Laptop Returns

Students in Years 7, 8 & 10 are required to return their laptops on either Wednesday 22 or Thursday 23 November 2023 for the annual laptop audit.  

Wednesday 22 November: 

  • Year 7 (after HPE exam, except for Visual Art students) 
  • Year 8 (after Science exam, except for Geography students) 
  • Year 10 (except for HPE students) 

Thursday 23 November: 

  • Year 7 (Visual Art students) 
  • Year 8 (Geography students) 
  • Year 10 (HPE students) 

Student’s laptop chargers and bags are not required – please keep these in a safe place over the holiday period. Laptops will be returned in Week 1, 2024. 

Year 9 Laptop & Charger Returns

Students in Years 9 are required to return their laptops and chargers on Wednesday 22 for an annual laptop audit. Loss of charger will also incur a charge.  Students will receive their new laptop and new bag in Week 1, 2024. 
Year 11 Laptops

This year students in Year 11 are not required to return their laptops for the audit and can keep their laptops over the Christmas holidays. During the holidays if your laptop requires a repair, please contact the ATC Service Desk, or the College Office to arrange a time to drop in the laptop. Please note the Office is closed from 20 December – 8 January. 

Damage to IT Equipment

Damage of IT equipment (intentional or accidental) will incur a repair bill for the family. Devices are covered by Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for a limited number of parts per claim with an excess of $70.  Once the claim limit has been exceeded, an additional repair cost will be incurred. Please refer to the ATC Acceptable Technology Use Policy on Parent Lounge and Student Café under Links for further details.   



Please ensure your child has checked their exam schedule that have been published. To best prepare, knowing what day, time, and location each exam is, will ensure a calm approach to each exam. Being organised with equipment and exam details will help produce best outcomes.

A Message from Ms Megan Ellis:

With exams often students feel stressed, and this is normal. But one of the best ways to think clearly in an exam is to get good sleep the night before and to eat a healthy breakfast! Reading over your class notes is good but what is even more useful is practising doing similar questions as to what could be in the exam. This is active study not passive study.

Reflect on what has worked well for you in previous exams and maybe some things that haven’t worked well. Try and replicate the things that helped previously. Be prepared, know what exams and assessments you have coming up each day. Know what room you need to go to and what you need to bring. Charge your laptop every night! Main thing is- Do your best and make yourself proud!

Year 4 Raft Regatta

The annual Year 4 Milk Bottle Raft Regatta is held on Thursday 23 November.  Working in teams, students will make rafts out of plastic milk bottles and race them in the ATC Pool. Parents are welcome to attend from 11:15am to 12:15pm at the pool. Students are to wear sports uniform this day and bring swimming togs or boardshorts, Sun-shirt and towel. Students will be racing the rafts they constructed for 3 laps of the ATC pool. On completion of the races, they will be given the opportunity for a free swim. Please email Mr Degenkamp if you think your child would find this activity difficult. 

Year 4 students will be bringing books and work home from school throughout the last week of the year. Laptops and chargers will remain at school from the Tuesday of the last week. 


Year 5

“Forests of Silence”

This term, the students have enjoyed studying the book “Forests of Silence” which is part of the Deltora Quest series by Emily Rodda.  Over the week, the boys will watch an animated version of this (rated PG)

Tuesday- Laptops, chargers, and laptop bags must be at school this day as the IT dept will be collecting them on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday -The boys are to bring their togs and towel as there will be an opportunity for a swim at the start of the day.

Friday -At the start of the day, the boys will participate in a whole school liturgy and then form part a farewell tunnel for the year 6 students.  Following this, they will find out their classes for 2024. After this, they will participate in the 2023 Christmas Carnival and then school will finish at 12:00pm. 

Procedures around students leaving early

Please be reminded that students are not to contact their parents or carers directly if they are feeling unwell or need to leave the College early. Students are FIRST to report to Student Reception, where staff will contact parents/ carers on the student’s behalf. If you are aware that your child will need to leave the College early, please log this via the College App, providing as much notice as possible.

Safety and Bikes & Electric Scooters

After several reports from parents and members of our local community, we believe it is important to address some safety concerns for our students. All students who ride bikes and electric scooters to school, must exit the campus at a safe speed. Several parents have reported witnessing daily collisions both from the pedestrian pathway and the roadway between students on bicycles and e-scooters.

It is important to note our Queensland Law and Road Safety Rules. Correspondence was sent earlier in the year which is as follows:

Riding – students should observe Queensland Law and Road Safety Rules. This includes wearing a secured helmet when riding. Please also note that e-scooters are illegal for people under the age of 12, and that users between the ages of 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Due to the substantial number of hospitalisations recorded because of accidents on e-scooters, it is the College’s preference that students do not ride e-scooters to and from school. Any student riding their bike should ensure it is locked in the cage at the pool.

Crossing the Road

We understand that parking around the school is at a premium during pick-up times, but we are experiencing a significant increase in our Senior Students crossing the road at the top of SFXC. Whilst it is not illegal to cross the road at this location, and often convenient, it is not safe. There have been several close calls, and we ask for parent support in collecting their children from the designated collection locations on campus. Our internal road is a wonderful facility that is easy for entry and exit while ensuring the safety of students and drivers.

Please continue to support our efforts for student safety and for our teachers who supervise our students each afternoon.

Year 11 Semi Formal & Year 12 Formal Photos - Downloads

With the end of the school year fast approaching, a reminder that photos from the 2023 Year 11 SociABLE and Year 12 Formal are still available for free download but will expire at the end of the year.  Please see link below for YEAR 11 PHOTOS and YEAR 12 PHOTOS to access the free downloads.  We encourage you to browse the images, download the ones you want to save and action this in the coming weeks, before the gallery closes.

LINK Year 11:

LINK: Year 12:


Christmas Carnival

The last day of school, Friday November 24, will be the Christmas Carnival. On this day, the students have an opportunity to participate and help at a stall/activity with other students in their class to raise money for charity as part of our Christmas Charity efforts. Each class is organising an activity for the morning. As part of that organization, we need some small donations to hand out as prizes.  We encourage all students to bring up to a maximum of $20, made up of some small change, to participate in the many fun and engaging activities that will be organised by all classes. Students are to wear PE uniform. Food and drinks will be for sale on the day.  The tuckshops are closed on the last day of term.

The Year 4 input for activities and donations is: 4 Nolan $1-2 prizes ( toys, lollies, handballs); 4 Treacy Packet of wrapped lollies or chocolates; 4 Bodkin  Packet of wrapped lollies or chocolates.

The Year 6 input for activities and donations is: 6 Nolan - Blocks of Chocolate; 6 Lynch Blocks of Chocolate; 6 Treacy Lollies, blocks of chocolate, soft drinks or any drinks; 6 Bodkin Cans of soft drinks.

Year 6 Transition Retreat

The purpose of the Retreat on Wednesday 22 November is to provide a reflective opportunity for the students at this significant time of transition from Junior to Middle School. There will be three key components to the day: storytelling and sharing, affirmation and appreciation and preparation. Students are asked to print out and bring with them on the day a collection of 5 photos that represent different stages of their life. These can be photos prior to Year 4 and/or Year 4 to Year 6. During the day, they will reflect and share stories on their Junior School journey. It will be a day which engages students in looking back and in preparing for the new journey ahead. Students are to bring 5 photos (to be printed on paper separately) and their morning tea, and should wear their ATC Day Uniform.


Tom and Jacob in Year 5 recently initiated a fundraiser to support Share the Dignity. However, rather than asking for donations, the boys spent months collective recyclable cans to support the environment and gather the money. Their consideration, leadership and compassion proves their integrity and commitment to being a Sign of Faith.


The ATC Co-curricular Sport and Music Photo gallery is now ready for viewing and purchasing of photos.  Please go to the Just Photography website:, enter your email address, and click on ALL PHOTOS and scroll down to view 2023 music and sport groups.  

To place an order of your child’s team or music group choose the photos, add to cart and check out.  Printed photo/s will be posted to parents directly. Just Photography are offering a special - free postage and handling for orders placed by Tuesday 21 November.  ORDER YOUR CHILD’S TEAM PHOTO NOW!


2024 Co-curricular Music and Drama & Communication enrolments

ATC offers a Co-curricular program in Instrumental Music, Vocal and Drama & Communication for all students in Years 4-12. We welcome all new and continuing students wanting to participate in the program in 2024 to now enrol via the online form by Friday 22 November.

The enrolment link includes vital information on tuition conditions, the program offered as well as the fees associated for each lesson type.

If you have any questions, please contact Carla

A reminder to all current student to please return any hired instruments or collect your instruments from the Music Office prior to Friday 24 December.


Term 4 clubs have now concluded this week. Thank you to all our students who have participated in our vast and busy clubs program this year.  With close to 1200 students participating across the year in 22 clubs, the popularity of our clubs program continues to grow. A big thank you to our wonderful staff who give up so much of their time and energy to facilitate the clubs each term.  We look forward to another busy year in 2024 with the same energy and enthusiasm.  Please keep an eye on the app in early 2024 for what will be on offer in the clubs space.


A reminder that the tuckshops will be closed on Friday 24 November and students can bring gold coins to buy food and drinks at the Christmas Carnival that morning. 


Art West Community Gallery Group Opening Night | Thursday 23 November

Art West community Gallery Group would like to invite you to our Opening Night Thursday 23 November 2023 6pm for 6.30pm to view our first exhibition at our new gallery at 34 Coonan Street, Indooroopilly, situated through the main ground floor entrance beside the ‘Horizon and Grind’ café and above Spotlight.   Light refreshments will be available whilst viewing exceptional artworks from within your local community.

 Art West Community Gallery was established in 2015 and since 2017 had a gallery at Mt Ommaney shopping centre for 5 years and currently at Kenmore Village shopping centre until renovations commence.  We will continue to operate Kenmore as well as our new Coonan Street venue which officially opens Monday 20 November 2023. Please RSVP for catering purposes to by Friday 17 November 2023.

Brookfield Bush Christmas

The annual free community event, hosted by NFP Brookfield Show Society, is set for Friday 8 December. Festivities kick off from 4pm and close at 10pm at Brookfield Showgrounds, 550 Brookfield Rd, Brookfield.  Lots of entertainment, live music, market stalls and food galore for all. Plus, the Brookfield Bar will be open to grab a beverage, alcohol and non-alcoholic. A big hit with the kids will be free rides for the littlies and Santa Claus stopping by to say g'day! We look forward to celebrating the season of joy with Brookfield and surrounds.


P & F Planning Meeting | Tuesday 21 November

Mr George Patrikios welcomes all parents and caregivers to the 2024 Planning Meeting on Tuesday 21 November in Mt Sion Library (junior school precinct) at 6.30pm. We will begin planning the seven key community events that the P&F coordinate and speak about volunteer participation at other events and sport canteen. Please come along to hear about what the P&F does at the College and possibly lend a hand at one of these events. All Year Level Parent Liaisons are requested to join us at this meeting.

We are also looking for a Year 4 parent to take on the role of Parent Liaison in 2024. Please email the Secretary, Catherine Jackson, if you are interested in this role. New parents are most welcome to attend and just find out how it all happens! No pressure to put your hand up to take on a whole event - there are always lots of little jobs to help out with.

  • Year 4 Welcome Event
  • Year 7 Welcome Event
  • Kick off Cocktails
  • Rugby Night Out
  • Trivia Night
  • Spring Lunch
  • Staff Christmas Lunch
  • Volunteers for Sport canteen
  • Volunteers for Mother’s Celebration
  • Volunteers for Father Son Night
  • Volunteers for Staff Christmas Lunch 

Enjoy the final week of the school year, also my last week of teaching at ATC! And my LAST BLOG!

Mr David Gardiner 

Deputy Principal