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How Does It Work?

Your son is expected to record his service hours and then get them verified by his family and staff. After the service hours have been verified they are recorded on SEQTA by his Home Room Teacher, displayed on his Student Dashboard and reported on his College Report. He doesn’t have to undertake the same service activity for the whole year. He may choose a number of activities that can be split throughout the year. Regular commitment is still to be shown however there is no purpose in continuing an activity that he dislikes or if his circumstances change. Each student is expected to complete the following after which a Service Certificate is awarded to the student:
• The minimum required service hours as outlined below
• At least four Service Journal entries.
• Service hours are required to be completed two weeks prior to, and not accumulated past, each academic year. Any service hours accumulated past this deadline will be included in the following year’s tally.
• We would love to celebrate your contribution! Please forward a short description of each service initiative with some images to signumfidei@atc.qld.edu.au. We will, where possible, share your good new stories through our publications e.g. Facebook, newsletter, website, yearbook, school and college assemblies etc.

Annual Service Awards are also available to all student who go above and beyond. The Service Awards are not a competition against anyone else, but rather a personal challenge. A minimum number of hours are required for a student to qualify for a Service Award: