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Head of Sport Week 1

Although the weather seems to think otherwise, this weekend is the start of the winter sport season. Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday the ATC boys will be playing the first round of Rugby, Football and Australian Football and our runners will be attending the Queensland All Schools Cross Country Relay Championships at Rivermount College at Yatala!

I love the winter sport season just as much as I love the summer sports! I love watching our boys come together on the football field, be it rugby, football or AFL, the passion, determination, spirit and enthusiasm of boys of all ages is always great to watch.

Likewise, I have always been impressed with our boys’ love of running. For me there is something primal and poignant about cross country. The boys disappear into the trees and you catch glimpses of the race like snapshots as the events unfold. When they reappear, be it for the finish or to disappear again for another loop, the determination, resilience and in many cases exhaustion from maximal effort evident in the face of each boy. This weekend’s relay championship brings together the individualism of cross country and the camaraderie and responsibility of team sports. I wish the 15 ATC teams attending the very best of luck for what promises to be a great event.

With the start of the football season there will be the inevitable announcements of team selections. Like always, there will be some boys who are elated with their placements and some who may feel some disappointment. I would ask that parents and students see the first round or two as a part of the trials process. Ultimately, by the second or third week of term we would hope to place boys in the best possible context for them to enjoy their football and to improve both as an individual and a member of a team. Selections are not taken lightly by our ATC sport staff and we thank you for your support during this trials and selection period.

This weekend’s rugby and football fixtures see another first for our College. In the 78 years of our history we have never competed against our EREA brothers, St Edmund’s College from Ipswich. With 6 games of rugby and 8 games of football scheduled, it promises to be a great start to the season and to a new relationship with SEC.

Whilst this weekend is the first round of the winter football season and the start of the cross country season, it definitely isn’t too late for those who have not registered to play or started attending training to join in. At ATC every boy who wishes to play in a sport will be given the opportunity to do so. Please get in touch with the ATC Sport Staff or drop by to visit the ATC Sport Office if you would like to get involved.

Best of luck to all of our boys for a big weekend of football and running. As always, gentlemen, shake the opposition by the hand and look them in the eye and wish them the very best for a great game. Play as hard, as fair and as competitively as you possibly can. At the end of the game, shake the opposition by the hand, look them in the eye and thank them for a great game and wish them luck for the rest of the season. When you walk off the field or track, if you have done all of this, then you are truly an ATC Irish Warrior and we are proud to have you wear the blue, the white and the green.

Warriors go Brách!

Mr Dave Capra, Head of Sport and Activities


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