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Why Did You Choose ATC?

Some of you may know that my son is in Year 3. Currently, my wife and I are investigating a range of schools for him to begin in Year 5. The obvious answer is ATC, but I’m not convinced I want him to go the same school as where I work. As great a school as ATC is, he may never get the chance to grow up with his school being ‘his’ thing. I’d hate for him to think I was always looking over his shoulder, and I’d hate to be tempted to do it.

So Where Else?

Like all of you, I want his education to be values based. For him to develop holistically; to learn how to be a good man, not just a successful man. I believe a school’s motto or mission is so important. At Ambrose Treacy College, boys are called to be ‘Signum Fidei.’

What Does it Even Mean?

In simple terms, I think it means to live according to what you think is important. To be a symbol of what’s most critical in your own life. If you admire kindness, generosity and respect in people, then be that yourself. I often say to boys that the big M that is outside every McDonalds restaurant around the world clearly identifies what is being served inside. Signum Fidei is a similar analogy. Present clearly on the outside, what is most dear to you on the inside.

Is Your Son Being a ‘Signum Fidei?’

Is he living his life as a ‘Sign of his Faith?’ Realistically, faith is a complex word. For many boys, faith is not always something high on their agenda. With the realities of some religious orders in the world at present, faith is not necessarily a beacon of positivity and example. Many boys would associate as having no connection to faith. However, if we looked at synonyms for faith, there is no doubting that every boy can identify with the integral nature of values, beliefs, trust and priorities. If you asked your son these questions, how might they respond?

“What do you value most in your life?”
“What are the most important things in your life?”
“Who do you trust?”

I’m confident they would be able to answer in a far more complex way than simply stating, “I don’t believe in …..!”

For me, that’s why a school that teaches and embodies Christian values is so important. Jesus put others before himself, he considered the poor and marginalized in his decision making, he treated children with the same respect as he did the temples’ priests and Roman senators. We are called as a school community to allow every student to reach their potential, to provide a bounty of opportunity and to build an institution that supports one another.

I’m confident that if Jesus walked through our campus today, he would be proud of what we are and how our boys are ‘Signs of their Faith’ (Even, if they aren’t consciously doing it.) That’s the type of school my wife and I want for our son. A place that allows him to be a kind, humble and influential young man in his thoughts, words and actions. And moreover, a school that teaches him to have faith in himself. I have faith that ATC does those things in an authentic and gentle manner.

So please, be part of this conversation and comment on our Facebook page to let me know why you chose ATC for your son!

Matt Warr
Dean of Faith & Mission