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Who's Job is More Important - Mum or Dad?

Parenting is never meant to be a competition. For me, this may be just as well, because fatherhood can be pretty easy at times……

“Let’s kick a footy in the backyard.”
“ you keen to set up Hot Wheels tracks?”
_“Be careful not to burn your hands when you drop the bacon onto the Weber!” _

I am blessed to have two wonderful parents who enrich my life. Dad still initiates banter about anything controversial, while Mum continues to be a guardian – caring, asking, disciplining. Mum often challenges my five-year-old son and me by saying, “manners make the man.” This quote has stuck with me for as long as I can remember. Gratitude, courtesy and respect cost nothing, but can mean so much to someone else.

This Sunday is the perfect opportunity for all males in Australia to show their tremendous appreciation for the women in their lives. This may be limited to Mum, or might extend to wives, grandmothers, aunties, or dare I say it, sisters!
A seemingly simple gesture – breakfast in bed, cooking dinner, a small gift, or a big hug – will make a difference. For many, Mums impart values, standards, security and love. This is exemplified in a commercial which aired following last year’s Rio Olympics, ‘It takes someone strong to raise someone strong’:

The unconditional support, guidance and reassurance that parents bring to the lives of our ATC boys is invaluable. Education is a partnership, and almost nothing that your sons achieve can be done without a positive home life.
I saw a tangible example of this last Friday. As the school community dispersed for the weekend, three boys from Year 7 set up hoses, buckets and soap and initiated their own car wash to show gratitude to staff for their efforts in allowing them to settle so seamlessly in their first year here. And as much as I know the boys were the ones getting their hands dirty, the behind the scenes work of organising, purchasing and encouraging were no doubt provided by parents. Teaching your sons about social justice and the art of giving without expecting anything in return, is one of life’s richest lessons and I believe this ethos of kindness and compassion begins at home.

I sincerely offer all Mums a wonderful day on Sunday, and I look forward to seeing you at our annual celebration Mothers’ Day breakfast on Friday on the Westcourt deck.

Matthew Warr, Assistant Dean of Formation