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What it Means to Leave a Legacy?

As we finish the year, it is important to reflect upon whether we have met our mission to serve the community. Jack O’Toole, Leinster House Captain discusses leaving a legacy.

As we finish the year, it is important to reflect upon whether we have met our mission to the community. We started this year ensuring that we are not leaving something for the students, but we wanted to leave something within them. We couldn’t expect anything to be done for us and instead, leadership was about creating opportunities for others to feel success.

One of the key ideas of Leadership is that you can’t expect people to follow you, if you are not willing to make a connection with them. You must invest in people to create a connection for them to respect you. It all comes back to Matthew 22:29 – loving your neighbour. Without loving each other, it becomes incredibly hard to follow. Mutual respect in leadership is so important.

Across the year, as the Seniors of 2019, we have invested time and energy into building spirit within the College. Creating a legacy has been such an important focus for us as a collective group. A legacy for every other Ambrose Treacy College Senior who walks out of these Gates. A legacy for every student to strive to be better at and improve upon every year they are here. Because Leadership isn’t about being the best, it is about upholding the standard set before you and improving upon that standard, day in and day out.

I have been fortunate to have had the honour of leading Leinster House in 2019. I have never taken that for granted and I have appreciated the support, camaraderie and energy of my fellow Leinster Seniors. They have each lead through their actions, shown enormous House spirit and been wonderful mentors to the younger students in Leinster House. Their energy, enthusiasm and loyalty has guaranteed the 2019 Inter-house competitions have been awash with Leinster blue! At House Assemblies they have gone above and beyond, showing their commitment to the House and have never shied away from getting involved and volunteering at events. Leinster Giants give.

I have loved every minute of what it means to be a Leinster Giant and I know my fellow Seniors are going to miss the weekly war cry practice; we will miss Kilkenny and we will miss seeing our mates every single day. As we hand over to the Leinster Seniors of 2020, just remember leadership is not about you. It’s about every member of the House and it’s about ensuring that they become the best version of themselves, an ATC Man of Courage.

All the best and may the wind be always at your back!

Jack O’Toole
Year 12 2019