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What a Connected Community!

Staff Blogger Andrew McCrohon
Service Program Coordinator

Like so many other people, in recent weeks I have become an avid LEGO Masters watcher. With three young children in my household, it is customary for us to sit and watch each episode with great excitement. We discuss with great fervour what is our favourite ‘build’, what the next challenge will be, and who Brick-man will judge the ultimate ‘LEGO Master’.

For the unaccustomed, Brick-man is the judge. What he says goes. Whilst he is the sole judge, he is also there to help the contestants and support them through each episode and so often Brick-man’s advice to teams, stems around the importance of a strong base. Without a strong base, a strong foundation, the LEGO structure will crack, distort and ultimately fail; I believe the same can be said of our faith and our beliefs. Yes, LEGO Masters is quite profound!

There is no doubt that recent times have been testing for a multitude of reasons. Jesus showed us the way during these testing times; in fact, Jesus too faced a time of isolation. During that time, as well as throughout his life, Jesus showed that his foundations, his belief and faith in love proved his ultimate saviour in overcoming testing times. In a similar vein, the strong foundations of Service, Learning, Leadership and the values that Jesus, Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy and Blessed Edmund Rice continue to guide the young men of Ambrose Treacy providing a strong base which is critical during these times.

In times of crisis we sometimes forget that we need to keep helping others. At ATC we haven’t put Service ‘on the shelf’, I have been in awe of the way our community has rallied around those in need. The response to our calls to action including #LightUpTheDawn on ANZAC Day, cooking meals, packing hampers, writing letters, mowing lawns and putting bins out has been tremendous.

There has been a constant stream of stories demonstrating many examples of students responsibly performing acts of Service. ATC boys have refused to ignore the needs of others, and have found new ways to go above and beyond to assist and connect with communities.

Howard Schultz said, ‘In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of’. And what we are is a proud Catholic school, in the Edmund Rice tradition with an unwavering commitment to Service.

Serving in the Curriculum

Demonstrating that Service is not merely an ‘add-on’ our students have been busy in their Curriculum areas using and developing their skills for the benefit of others. Year 8 HPE students are working towards preparing a nutritious meal for their family, they will also take part in an inclusive unit that designs games and sports for people with ‘diffability’ (different abilities). Year 4’s are writing letters to their friends at Montessori who they miss spending time with and Junior School Art students recently submitted their works in support of our ANZAC’s. These are great examples of how the skills developed in the classroom can be put to good use outside the classroom to help and support others.

Logging Hours – What can be logged?

It’s a good time to start logging any Service hours that you have completed so far this year. Some activities that you can log for Service hours may include:

  • Any of the Service Challenges set by Mr McCrohon or Mr Warr on the Splash Page (Prepare a Meal, Write a Card, Create a Family Event).
  • Time spent completing the Dude Perfect Challenge
  • Time spent completing the LEGO Masters Challenge
  • ANZAC Day events/honouring
  • Wheelie Bin Duty for neighbours/street members
  • Adopt a Park: Litter collection

Dude Perfect Challenge

Tally up your hours and record them in your planner, ensure that the hours are signed off by your parents. Then notify your Homeroom teacher so that they can log these on SEQTA for you.

Signum Fidei

The Signum Fidei email address has been a valuable source of connection for the College. We have been able to share your good news of service in the community while you have been learning remotely. With so many limitations and restrictions on our movements, it has been wonderful to be able to share joy, compassion and optimism by sharing the stories of our ATC students doing their bit as Signs of Faith. Please click here to share your Service pictures and stories, we really enjoy sharing these with our community!

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