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Welcome to the Summer Holidays

Incredibly we have arrived at the end of November and the end of the 2016 school year. I have had a great year and enjoyed so many occasions and meeting so many people. I thank everyone who has contributed to that positive energy around ATC this year and I wish all our families a happy and holy Christmas. Hopefully the true meaning of family, friends and community will shine through during the festive season.

Can I remind all families that the school year will finish at 3pm tomorrow Friday 25 November. It is important to promote with our boys that they need to finish well and this also means playing an active part in our community. Friday is an opportunity for us to finish in homeroom groups, year levels and whole College. The boys will receive their College Yearbook tomorrow and will be involved in the significant ’tunnelling’ of Year 6 student’s from the Junior School to the Middle School. All students will also spend some time in their 2017 Homerooms with their ‘new’ teacher. We will conclude the day with our End of Term liturgy. There certainly will be a lot happening right up to 3.00pm

Whole School Outing

It was a great day out last Friday with the students and staff enjoying a day at WetnWild or Movieworld. I really enjoyed the day and it was a ‘refreshing’ day amongst the hectic schedule of the end of the year. I hope the boys also benefited from the day out of their normal routine and current hard work.

Year 9 Celebration – TONIGHT Thursday 24 November 5.30pm

Year 9 students and their families are asked to meet on the Westcourt deck at 5:30pm tonight. If each family could please bring a plate of afternoon tea for parents to share this would be much appreciated. Please bring this plate to the Westcourt area.

At 5:35pm, the boys will move to the Gully area to engage with a ceremonial rite of passage which celebrates their transition into Senior school. Parents are invited to enjoy the company of one another, in addition to tea, coffee and some afternoon tea. After approximately 50 minutes, the boys will return to the Westcourt area before moving with their families to the Nudgee Junior Hall for Mass. The Mass will begin at 6:30pm and will conclude by 8.00pm.
All boys are required to bring with them one article of clothing which no longer fits. It can be ATC attire. This will be used as a part of the rite of passage. Boys are to wear their formal College uniform with tie. Suitcoats are not required.

Front Office Hours – Pupil Free Week

Monday 28 November 8 AM – 4 PM
Tuesday 29 November 8 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday 30 November 8 AM – 4 PM
Thursday 1 December 8 AM – 11 AM
Friday 2 December 8 AM – 12 PM

To view the 2017 term dates please follow this link to our website.

2017 Class Lists

Class lists will be distributed to Year Level Coordinators tomorrow so that all students can meet their 2017 Homeroom teachers. Significant work has been put in by homeroom teachers, Year Coordinators/Heads of Year and Mr Stewart in the Junior School, to provide the best combinations for 2017 classes. The final lists have been developed by Mr Senior and myself. We believe it is important to develop a strong sense of community across each year level at ATC. The mixing of boys in homeroom classes from one year to the next allows each boy to have opportunities with a wider range of students. We have also taken into consideration a large number of factors to ensure a balance across the homeroom groups.

Middle School Laptop Audit and Collection

Our IT Department conducted an audit on all Middle School laptops this week. If your son has not handed in his laptop, please see IT Helpdesk first thing Friday morning with a completed form from your Head of Year.

Semester 2 Report Cards

Semester Two reports will be available online through the Parent Lounge on Thursday 1 December. The report includes on the front page the number of Service Hours your son has registered and a detailed comment from your son’s Homeroom teacher. The report also includes an ‘Overall Standard’, ‘Subject Criteria’ and an ‘Approach to Learning’ rating for each subject. A graph is also presented that displays the distribution of grades across your son’s cohort for each particular subject. This will give you some information comparing your son’s achievement to the rest of his cohort.

To assist students and parents to track academic progress, the College has provided a Grade Point Average with this report. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated on a 15-point scale, where 15 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. The GPA includes all subjects studied by a student in a Semester, and gives equal weight to each of those subjects, regardless of the time allocation of study. The inclusion of a GPA will allow students, parents and staff to track the progress of an individual across the years.

Further details will be emailed separately to all families next week.

Booklists 2017

Booklists for Junior and Middle School students have been emailed to families this week and can also be found on the Parent Lounge under the “Documents” tab. For further queries, parents can contact Alison at Schoolstuff.

Second Hand Uniforms

A group of ATC parents have set up a Second Hand Uniform Facebook page. This is not a College Facebook page but a community run outlet for families to network with each other. Suitcoats are one of the most expensive items of the College uniform and many suitcoats are available for purchase on the Facebook page. We would like to remind all parents that the ‘old’ NJC suitcoats that have the crest embroidered on the pocket, will eventually be phased out. Please be aware of this when making a second hand purchase.

2017 Student ID Cards

Current Year 4 and 5 Students will retain their Student Cards in 2017. Please ensure your son keeps his Student Card in a safe place over the holiday period. Students in Years 7-10, 2017 will be issued with a new Student Card to include their date of birth. Students will receive these cards in Week 1, Term 1.

New School App

Thank you to the 390 families who have installed the new College App. Using the App provides a quick and convenient form of communication and in 2017 it will become our primary conduit for all communication, eliminating the need for emails. Detailed instructions on Installation and Initial Set-up are provided via the link below.

For those families who had the old App installed, please delete this from your devices. It is imperative that once you have installed the new App, you ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS and then go to SETTINGS and choose the things you want to subscribe to. This will include your sons year level, the sports your son plays, the cultural areas he is involved in and the after-school activities he has joined. Once you do this, you WILL ONLY RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS FOR THOSE AREAS. This will save you from receiving messages that are not pertinent to your son. We are aiming to reduce INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

If you have any questions, please email


Friday 25 November – Last day of school – tuckshop clean up day
Tuesday 26 January 2017 – Tuckshops open
To help out on the dates above or to return your tuckshop volunteer form for 2017 (link below) please email Danielle Milne

Library Books

There are over 400 overdue library books! Students are asked to return all library books tomorrow to Westcourt or Mt Sion iCentres.

Bus Tickets

For 2017 Bus Ticket prices please visit the ATC website | Online Payments and log into Flexischools

Key Dates

Friday 25 November – Last day of Term (Please ensure your son is in attendance up to the final day TIL 3PM)
Tuesday 29 November – Cultural Boys Day Out – Cirque Du Soleil
Monday 23 January 2017 – Open Classroom Afternoon 1.00pm-2.30pm
Tuesday 24 January 2017 – First Day Term 1, 2017 – All Students
Thursday 26 January 2017 – Australia Day Public Holiday

Happy Holidays and safe travels,

Mr David Gardiner, Deputy Principal