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Welcome Back, Feedback and Goal Setting

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope all the boys have had an enjoyable holiday and a productive start. In the first part of the term teachers are working with boys to reflect on their Term One results and feedback. All educational research points to the correlation between purposeful feedback and student progress.


Across the College, boys are being asked to read through the feedback they have received on SEQTA and record it in their student planners. They are also being asked to identify common themes from their teachers, so that they can put specific strategies in place to achieve their goals. Students in Middle School will be supported in this process through the Formation program and in Homeroom time. Students in Junior school will be supported in this process by their classroom teachers. One of our key aims in this endeavour, is to build an improvement culture and help boys put a language around their learning. Parents can help us by discussing subject specific goals and strategies with their sons and by checking their student planner, to ensure they are recording homework and working progressively throughout the Semester.

Parent Teacher Interviews

I strongly encourage you to book time with your son’s teachers to discuss his learning progress. The partnership between home and the school is of tremendous importance in the learning development of your child. Students in Middle School are also encouraged to attend parent teacher interviews so that they can participate in the discussion and refine their goals and strategies based on their conversations between their parents and teachers. It would be extremely helpful if students could come to the interview with their student planner, complete with their goals and strategies.

Study Club, Literacy and Numeracy Sessions

Homework and study are important components of all learning. The College believes that establishing a productive homework routine sets a student up well for their learning. To support this, the College offers a Study and Homework Club for Middle School students. This term, the club will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 3.15 – 4.30 in the Westcourt I Centre. I strongly encourage students to take advantage not only of our wonderful facilities, but to seek the support of staff if they are struggling with their homework. In Weeks 2, 3 and 4 of this term, we will also offer some focused Literacy and Numeracy tutoring. Tuesday sessions will have a Literacy focus while Thursday sessions will have a Numeracy focus. This is particularly designed for students wishing to improve upon their NAPLAN results.


There are often different views about NAPLAN across the community. The College takes the view that NAPLAN is an additional piece of information about how students are going and can be used by teachers to target specific areas for development. We encourage all students, across all of their endeavours, to give of their very best. Part of effective teaching lies in preparing students for specific tests and test strategy. This preparation program is designed with the intention that it doesn’t significantly disrupt the daily business of teaching and learning, and with the aim of supporting students and minimising any anxiety they may feel. In Year 5, the preparation program will take place in classes. In Years 7 and 9, preparation will take place both in classes and in two specific Literacy and Numeracy Immersion days on the 4th and 5th of May. Middle School students who have a particular desire for additional support are encouraged to attend after school sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from Week 2-4 (see information under Study Club).

Miss Kath Little, Dean of Learning