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Have Faith Through Uncertain Times

Time continues to be relative in 2020! A lot can happen in a week. Thank you for reviewing our Spot Closure plan over the weekend. Again, but hopefully not, there is the possibility that it will be activated in the next fortnight. Today’s singular positive case was very pleasing in the short term but the next fortnight in our local area will see testing increased.

Should our son get tested?

It is critical that over the next 7 to 14 days that if a member of your family has any symptoms, no matter how mild, that they present for testing please. If you have attended any of the identified contact tracing sites, you are asked to monitor for any symptoms. If you wish for your son to be tested but he does not have any symptoms, please proceed but it is not a requirement under the Health directive and he may attend school if not being tested.

What if my son has been tested and the result is negative?

If your son’s test result is negative and he is well enough, he may return to school. Please advise the College of the negative result. Please be sensitive to the fact that some people are anxious when nearby persons that are unwell. Liaise with your son’s Head of Year or House so that they can support your son’s return to school. In the meantime, our goal as a staff is to keep things in a routine at school, to be positive and supportive of the boys and to focus on learning.

In the event that we do have a short- term closure, I will liaise with Queensland Health regarding contact tracing, cleaning and the length of closure. This length of closure would very much depend on the context of what led to the closure, the persons involved and other details.

Our immediate focus will be on the safety and well-being of our students and staff. My priority will be pastoral care. It is likely, that in the event of a short term closure, the school community may need time for students and staff required to present for testing, so it is very possible that we may need at least a day of ‘well-being’ time before remote lessons would commence.

Learning from Home in the Event of a Short Term Closure

I share with you our simple and clear guidelines that explain how we would manage student learning in the event of a short-term closure. This is not ATCLearns@Home and follows a different approach.

Key points

1. We will follow daily school timetable including morning Homeroom time.
2. Each lesson, including Homeroom, will commence with a live TEAMs introduction by the teacher followed by set work on SEQTA and/or the platform used by the subject or year level.
3. Teachers will use their professional judgement based on the class activity should there need to be more live TEAMs time for instruction or conferencing, but each class will have a live check in for each lesson. We believe that this is pastorally as well as academically important at this time.

Student Guidelines

Wake up and prepare for school:
• Wear your uniform: either Formal or PE / House shirt
• Eat your breakfast
• Prepare your workspace

Follow the timetable:
• Log onto your Homeroom Team at 8.30am each day
• Have your name marked off on the roll
• If you are unwell, your parents must contact the College by email or phone 0738780521

During the Day:
• Follow the timetable
• Join each subject specific Team at the beginning of each lesson
• You will have a Live Team Meeting where your teacher will mark the roll and outline the work that is on SEQTA
• Have a question? Your teacher is available to answer these during your Live Video Conference or on your Team Discussion board during the lesson

• Eat during break times
• Use the blurred option or corporate background when presenting on Teams
• Stretch your legs between lessons
• Submit any assignments and drafts to SEQTA when they are due


I would ask the community to please keep Isaac Kennelly (Year 10 Leinster 1) in your thoughts and prayers following the recent passing of his Grandmother and Alexander, Christopher and Stephen Larcom (Year 11 Leinster 4, 9 Lynch and 7 Conn) following the recent passing of their Grandmother. We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of their passing. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

God Bless.

Chris Ryan