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Sport Report Week 7 Term 2

From Dave Capra, Head of Sport and Activities

Avid readers of our newsletter during my time at NJC/ATC would be familiar with my personal belief that the lessons gained from sport are more significant than the game itself. Over the years I have witnessed the benefits of our boys learning in, about and through sport and would be hopeful that parents have experienced this too, and that with time, maturity and reflection, our boys will realise this too.

An unfortunate yet vitally important lesson that our boys are learning through sport is about the racist minority in the Australian population. Racism in sport is not unique to ATC, however as a College community we have a role to play in providing our boys with education about racism, the strategies and skills to deal with issues surrounding racism and the confidence to know how to play their role in reducing racial vilification in sport.

In 2014, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner for Australia spoke at the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association Annual Conference regarding the developments in racism in sport over the past 3 decades and in particular, the powerful impact that the Racism. It Stops with Me campaign has had on Australian and New Zealand sport. The following excerpt has been taken from his speech and for me, highlights the complexities of racism and the misunderstandings that often occur.

“In 2005, then Parramatta Eels player Dean Widders complained that South Sydney Rabbitohs skipper Bryan Fletcher had racially abused him during a match. A contrite Fletcher apologised to Widders, was stripped of his club captaincy, suspended and fined, and ordered by his club to help Widders’ work with Aboriginal children. People at the time said Widders may have over-reacted to the situation – that what is said on the field in the heat of the moment should stay on the field. This may be easy to say from the perspective of the spectator or even someone responding to a complaint. For the person who experiences racism on the sporting field, it may wound just as much as when it is delivered off the field. In his reflections, Widders highlights how difficult the task of education can be – even among friends: I remember being at a function where two players who had played in the same team for over 10 years were part of a general discussion. The non-Aboriginal player turned to the Aboriginal player and said: “…it’s like when I used to call you a black so and so. You knew it was a joke”. The Aboriginal player, who has accepted this for years, finally had the courage to say “No, I didn’t”. They were friends, but that night was the first step in them reaching a better understanding of each other. All Australians from all backgrounds need to get to know each other better. Making a stand against racial comments is only one step in the process”.

At ATC as staff members, we are challenged, and in turn challenge our boys, to respond to what is happening around them. We often reflect on the statement that “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept”. Racism does not just involve the racist and the victim of racism. The bystanders, spectators, fellow players, opposition players and officials who choose to ignore racism have a responsibility which they are shirking if they do not respond. If we simply walk past racism, we are showing that we are okay with this and it will perpetuate. The perception that a racism (or any other type of vilification) can be a joke or friendly banter between team mates is completely inaccurate and is one of the excuses that can often be heard for racism. We all have a role to play and tomorrow on assembly I will be speaking at length to the boys about their roles and responsibilities.

Readers of this article will make the obvious assumption that in writing this article and facilitating a racial vilification session with our boys is in response to instances of racism in ATC sport. The sad truth is that in recent times, racist comments have been targeted at ATC students and the sadder truth is that some racist comments have been made by ATC students. In writing about this in our newsletter, we are bringing the issue to light, rather than shying away from it and will be responding firmly and pro-actively as we move forward. The pleasing thing that has come from a couple of isolated recent events, has been the way in which our ATC boys have responded to incidents of racism. ATC boys have supported team mates who have been targeted, reported comments to officials, coaches and parents and reassured the targeted students of their worth, their place in the community and the depth of the friendships that they have.

Education is the only positive, effective and powerful way to move forward with racism. I would hope that parents take the time to reinforce this with their son/s at home and to reiterate the following steps which I will be covering with our boys on assembly tomorrow and will be reiterating to our boys moving forward. The key message we will address tomorrow is from the ‘Racism. It Stops with Me’ campaign and the empowering concept that ‘…if you see something, say something’.
1. Know what racism is and that it is unacceptable in any aspect of sport (and life)
2. Understand the impact that this has on those whom racism is targeted at
3. Challenge people who make racist comments
4. Recognise when a person is being racially targeted or vilified
5. Report any racist comments or incidents immediately
6. Support those whom racist comments have been targeted at.

In the event that one of our boys overhears or witnesses any form of racism during a sporting event, they are to report it immediately to the umpire, referee or official who is overseeing the event. As soon as possible they are to report it to their coach or supervising teacher who will follow this up with myself and our CLT and in turn the sport administration staff from the other school or club. The reaffirming thing for us as a College has been the seriousness with which other schools have taken reports of racism and their pro-active, education based approach to responding to this issue.

We would be naïve to think that racism does not occur within ATC and from ATC students. Together as a community, I would hope that we can work to condemn and challenge racism and to provide education that empowers our boys to be positive agents of change in this area in the future.

Co-Curricular Photos Term 2

All players must bring their full playing uniform including boots for the photos.

Monday May 30 – 3.30pm
Year 7, 8 & 9 ATC Football (Soccer) teams – Full playing uniform including boots

Wednesday June 1 – 3.30pm
Year 5 & 6 ATC Football (Soccer) teams – Full playing uniform including boots

Tuesday June 7
Note: these *Rugby players will also have a game against NC on Tuesday 7 June as well as Co-Curricular photos.*
NC 11A V ATC 6A (4pm Kick off)
NC 11B V ATC 5A (3pm kick off)
NC 11C V ATC 6B (4pm kick off)
NC 11D V ATC 5B (3pm kick off)
Photo schedule:
2.30pm – Year 5A and 5B ATC Rugby Teams
3.30pm – Year 6A and 6B ATC Rugby Teams
3.45pm – Year 5C and 6C ATC Rugby Teams
4.00pm – All ATC AFL Teams – bring blue shorts
4.15pm – Year 7A, 7B, 7C ATC Rugby Teams
4.30pm – Year 8 and 9 Rugby ATC Rugby Teams
Please direct any enquiries to the Sports Office

ATC Sport Education Evening No. 2 – Sport Psychology

Following on from our Nutrition education evening last term we are very fortunate to have Prof. Cliff Mallet from the University of Queensland to talk to our community about the psychology of sport for young men. Prof Cliff Mallett joined the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences in 2000 after a career in physical education teaching and also in elite coaching as a National High Performance Coach in track and field with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS). He teaches undergraduate and graduate students and actively researches in the area of high performance sport. He regularly consults with elite coaches and athletes, as well as sporting organisations. Cliff is a former parent and long term supporter of the College and we look forward to hearing him speak to the parents, staff and students of ATC on Wednesday June 8, 6.30pm in the College Chapel.

Mr Dave Capra, Head of Sport and Activities


Cross Country Report

What a fantastic day at Warwick last Saturday for our XC Warriors, their families and supporters. On Saturday 21 May the ATC Cross Country Squad contested the inaugural Queensland Combined Independent Schools (QCIS) Cross Country Championships at Scots College, Warwick. From the very first race, our runners did not disappoint with some great performances from our 9 year old runners right through to our 15 year old competitors. In all the races ATC contested, our runners dominated the field and the results spoke for themselves. It was wonderful to witness the culmination of months of training come together with such pleasing performances by ALL our runners.

Combined Cross Country team XC Championships 2016

Combined with Brigidine College, Ambrose Treacy College won the overall QCIS Aggregate Cross Country Trophy. It was great to see the elation on the faces of our boys when the results were announced. Truly a fantastic reward and result for their hard work, enthusiasm and months of training.

Other outstanding individual (top 4) results were:
Under 10 Cooper Beachy-Head 1st Sebastian McCormack 2nd Jack Curtain 4th

11 Years Harrison Ott 1st Rory Smith 2nd Toby Rose 4th
12 Years Zac Beachy Head 1st Joel Parlane 2nd Hugh Mowbray 3rd
14 Years Ewan Smith 1st Tom Mulvihill 2nd Thomas Sherratt 3rd
15 Years Nathaniel Cowin 4th

It would be remiss not to thank the many people who have assisted with getting ATC Cross Country to where it is and was in 2016. Many thanks to the following coaches and managers of this year’s squad who have given up their early mornings and weekends to be there for our runners.
Mrs Lisa Mortlock, Mrs Annabelle Wolf, Ms Annabelle Kirkpatrick, Mr Nick Bertoli-Simmons, Mr Dave Capra, Mr Cameron Pickering and Mr David Gardiner.

Thank you to the numerous parents who have come along, run with us and supported the boys at training. It’s great to have such fantastic parental support at trainings and we know the boys really enjoy having so many parents being involved, running with us, cooking BBQ breakfasts and generally just being around.
A big thank you is extended to our 2016 ATC Cross Country Captains, Thomas Sharrett and Tom Kearney for their leadership and overall enthusiasm. It was very much noticed and appreciated by everyone in the squad.

Finally to the ATC XC Warriors, you are a fantastic group of young gentlemen who have really embraced this season of cross country at Ambrose Treacy College. You have all bought along something special to our squad and for this we, the College, thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you. We wish you all well for the remainder of your 2016 sporting pursuits and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2017.
Until then, always remember to ‘run tall and kill the final hill’.

Track & Field

As we approach Week 8 of Term 2 please be aware of the following Track & Field Training Sessions for ALL students aged 10 years through to 15 years.

Sprints and Distance Training
We will be commencing running training (Sprints and Middle Distance) at the University of Queensland Track, St Lucia on Tuesday mornings, starting next Tuesday 31 May from 6.30am to 7.45am.

Sprints/Middle Distance Training Dates for May/June
• Tuesday 31 May (6.30am drop off at UQ Track – College bus back to ATC)
• Tuesday 7 June (6.30am drop off at UQ Track – College bus back to ATC)
• Tuesday 14 June (6.30am drop off at UQ Track – College bus back to ATC)

Throws Training
Training for throws will be on Friday afternoons from 3.10pm to 4.30pm on Brothers Oval or Jack Bowers Oval. Students interested are to meet with coaches at 3.10pm at the Sports Shed on Brothers Oval.

Throws Training Dates for May/June
• NO Training on Friday 27 May
• Friday 3 June
• Friday 10 June

Jumps Training (High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump) Training
We have commenced Jumps training for all students aged 10 years through to 15 years on Wednesday afternoons from 3.10pm to 4.30pm on Brothers Oval or Jack Bowers Oval. Students interested are to meet with coaches at 3.10pm at the Sports Shed on Brothers Oval.

Jumps Training Dates for May/June
• Wednesday 25 May
• Wednesday 1 June
• Wednesday 8 June

Running – Tuesday mornings from 6.30am to 7.45am (UQ Athletics Track, St Lucia)

Throws – Friday afternoons from 3.10pm to 4.30pm (Brothers Oval or Jack Bowers Oval).

Jumps – Wednesday afternoons from 3.10pm to 4.30pm

Year 4 Track & Field Training
All year 4 students will participate in our Year 4 Friday Afternoon Track & Field Program. This will be conducted from Week 7 to 10 (last 4 Weeks of Term 2) from 1.45pm to 3.00pm on Jack Bowers Oval and/or Brothers Oval.
Year 4 students will rotate across various athletics relate activities during these sessions.

Interhouse Athletics Carnival
Date claimer: Interhouse Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 15 June at University of Queensland.


The ATC Gym conducts sessions for students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 before, during and after school.
Our Fun Fitness Sessions will commence on Monday 30 May from 7.00am to 8.00am and will run on each consecutive Monday there after until the end of the term. Our Cardio (Boxing Focus Mitt) Session will commence on Tuesday 31 May from 7.00am to 8.00am and will also be held on each consecutive Tuesday there after until the end of the term.

Any Middle School student who wishes to take advantage of this facility just needs to ensure that he is dressed in his Sports Uniform (or similarly appropriate training apparel), has a towel and a water bottle.

Gym timetables (schedules) are available for collection from the Sports and Activities office at the College. All participating students will be placed on a suitable and appropriate training program that will assist him with his overall core strength, speed and fitness. We encourage all ATC Middle School students to consider getting involved in the College’s gym program.

Mr Luke Donatini, Athletics Performance Coordinator


Rugby Report Week 7 Term 2

Last week we travelled out to Curlew Park. St Patrick’s College are traditionally one of the stronger Rugby schools in the AIC competition especially in the Junior School. It was pleasing to see some positive results in our Junior School with strong wins to both Year 5 teams and the 6A getting back in the winner’s circle. We had some mixed results in the Middle School with the 7A, 8B and the 2nd XV suffering loses, regardless of the results it was encouraging to see the fire was still in the eyes to the very last whistle. The Middle School 1st XV bounced back strongly from a less than perfect mid-week game down the coast to record a comprehensive win against St Patrick’s College 9A’s. Congratulations to all teams and coaches on your efforts over the weekend.

This week will see ATC play against one of the giants in the AIC competition and one of the most comprehensive Rugby programs in Australia. Training this week will need to be attended well by the whole Rugby community with a major focus on break down efficiency and low leg-chops. I for one am looking forward to the challenge against Marist College Ashgrove. Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Warriors First XV Team
Congratulations to the students that have been selected in this week ATC Warriors First XV Team. See the link below to download the table.

Results Saturday 21 May
Please download the link below to see last week’s results table.

Fixtures this weekend
Please download the link below to see this weekend’s fixtures.

Season Draw
Please download the link below to see the latest season draw. Note there were some changes after a request from Marist College Ashgrove which affects 5A, 5C, 6A and 6C teams only.

Mr Kieran Moffat, Head of Rugby


Football Report Week 7 Term 2

Another Saturday full of action and excitement presented itself on the weekend. Again, there were some very tight contests, mixed with the occasional blow out result. At times, ATC came out on top – on other occasions it was the opposition. The team of the week was our 9A team. The lads were missing a couple of key players due to the cross country carnival, and had recently been on the receiving end of a couple of heavy defeats. Being pitted against The Southport School was never going to be an easy task, but the boys fought all the way to earn a 1-1 draw. That is now Nudgee, Terrace and TSS which have failed to beat our 9A team; some wonderful results and progress for our seniors.
Other pleasing results came in the form of our 7 C Blue team who romped to a comfortable 10-0 win against St Patrick’s, and our 5 Blue team who scored a late penalty to take a point in an enthralling 2-2 draw with Padua.

This Weekend
The majority of our teams face Marist College Ashgrove and Villanova this week. Always tough competition, we will need to be at our best across the day. However, if our significant improvement and commitment continues, I am optimistic we can take a lot from the day.

Results – Round 3
Please download the link below for results of last weekend’s games.

Please consider offering your support for half an hour on our Sport Canteen by following the Volunteer link to our easy to use Volunteerlocal site.

Fixtures this weekend
Please download the link below to see this weekend’s fixtures.

Mr Matthew Warr, Head of Football


AFL Report Week 7 Term 2

It’s Week 7 of AFL fixtures this week which means we are nearly half-way through the 16 game season. For those of you wishing to plan ahead there is a break in the June/July school holidays, please see below for the dates relating to Junior and Youth fixtures.
Junior Teams: June 25-26, July 2-3 and July 9- 10 – No Games scheduled unless a washout occurs.
Youth Teams: June 25-26, July 2-3 – No Games scheduled unless a washout occurs. Games recommence July 9-10
Junior Teams: Round 16 is August 20.
Youth Teams: Round 16 is August 14- Finals begin August 21.

It has been great to see the Under 12 team coming along to the gym on a Friday morning and also attending a swim session at the ATC pool. We are fortunate to have such great facilities that our boys have access to which will no doubt have a positive effect on their on field performance as well. There’s another Friday night of football this week with our Under 10s and 11s taking on Yeronga and Sherwood. Come and support our younger players at 6pm and 7pm this Friday, they sure love having the support from the sideline.

AFL Team Photos
AFL training on Tuesday 7th June will be on Brothers Oval at ATC as we are having team photos taken that day. Please ensure all players have their jersey, footy boots, blue shorts and blue football socks. Boys can be collected at 5.15pm on this day.

AFL Boys Day Out
Each year ATC has a Boys Day out to the AFL. It is a great afternoon where families can get to know each other as they take in an afternoon of football. This year we plan to go to the Lions Vs Fremantle game on June 11. Please see the link below to the information flyer with all the details.

Last weekend’s results
Please click here for a full report of all scores for our ATC AFL teams

U 13/14’s
RESULTS Round 6 Sherwood 10.2-80 def. ATC 1.4-10
In the local derby on Friday night the Irish Warriors travelled to Sherwood. In cool conditions we were full of energy pre-game and looking forward to the impending contest. Our initial 5 minutes was positive with numbers to the contest and lots of voice, however as Sherwood started to put some scores on the board we lost focus.
The second and third quarters were tough going as the size of Sherwood saw them winning the aerial contests and their dominance on the scoreboard translated to an increase in confidence as they got more numbers to the contests. Our boys neglected to stick to the game plan and struggled to get it out of the defensive 50.
At three quarter time Coach Webb and Coach Koimans asked the boys to run out the game, run hard to every contest and to get numbers to the ball. Our competitiveness improved and we finished the game relatively strongly. Noah Wood and Daniel Mahony were standout’s this round due to their never say die attitude. Lachlan Smith was serviceable on a wing with his use of the ball a highlight. This was a disappointing loss after poor attendances at training on Tuesday night at which we only had 12 players. The boys understand that to improve we need to put in 100% at every session and every quarter.
Wednesday’s is now a compulsory gym session at the new school gym, all U14 AFL players are expected to attend this session. Again if attendance cannot occur the player is responsible for letting the coaches know.
Coaches: Ms Sharni Webb and Mr Shane Koimans

U 12’s
Hope you enjoyed your weekend off.
Back to Div 1 Footy this weekend. The Mighty Under 12’s will play the Morningside Panthers at ATC Chelmer Home Ground, we will be the home team, boys to wear blue shorts.
Coach – Mr Cameron Pickering

RESULTS – Round 6 Sherwood 10.11-71 Def ATC 1.3-9
This was one of the toughest games due to logistics and having everything organised. A change in the game time caused havoc with our Mighty Warriors. Illness, injury, cross country, family vacations and the state karate titles saw our team whittled down to just 14 run on players at the start of the game. An excellent effort to all the boys who made the game and played magnificently. The opposition coach was very kind to mention the positive manner in which the boys play the game and the quality in which they play as well.
Notable mentions this week to:
Sam Hewson: Sam was nothing short of sensational and gave his all. He ran, tackled, marked, kicked and handballed for the entire game. He always gives his all and is a tower of strength for the other boys.
Calum Bonner-Jarrett: Calum was an iron man. I gave him the task to mark the tallest player on the field and limit his influence and that is exactly what Calum did. He copped a stray elbow to the nose in the last quarter and after stemming the bleeding and applying some ice, went back out onto the ground to continue his whole hearted efforts.
Cormac Williamson: Cormac was given the position of the old fashioned centre man and he ran and competed at every contest. He got smashed into the ground, jumped back up and at the next ruck contest did exactly what he was meant to do, hit the ball at speed.
Aidan Brennan: Mighty Mouse. Aidan was a terror all over the ground. He started in the backline, played in the midfield and kicked a sensational goal. He loves to switch the play and all the others are going to have to learn to be ready when he has the ball, because he will kick it towards you.
Will Parkinson: Danger Mouse. Will started in the forwards, moved into the midfield where he won the hardball time and time again. He took a spectacular mark in the third quarter and looked to move the ball on quickly. This week we are at home to Sherwood Black at 7:00pm on Friday night. Look forward to seeing you all there.
Coach – Mr Brett Cashmere

Under 10’s
The ATC Under 10 AFL team played as a strong team against the Wests Juniors on their home ground at Oakman Park last Friday. The boys had a fantastic game in both attack and defence, implementing a lot of the skills learnt at training. Gianni was a fierce defender in the back field while Blake was strong in attack. We have seen the boys come a long way, with a particular shout out to Daniel Neroni and the Hammer boys who are fresh to the sport. The team has helped build a lot of confidence in the boys, both within the sport and their personal relationships. They encourage each other and work hard as a team. Well done boys

This weekend’s Fixtures
Please download the link below to the AFL fixturesfor this weekend.

Please Note: All boys must have a mouthguard to play on the day. If you are going to be absent please advise your coach ASAP if for some reason you are unable to play a game.

Mrs Fiona Kearney, AFL Coordinator