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We are all called to be Leaders

It has already been an energetic year as the College Vice – Captains for 2021. When reflecting on the year thus far, we have enjoyed supporting and championing our fellow ATC students and the ATCommunity. Each day varied from the next and we have acknowledged the call to be leaders at ATC, paving our own way, whilst honouring the lessons from our past graduates.

Senior Theme 2021

For 2021, our senior theme is Belong. Although a single word, belonging to a greater community is an essential part of the College. It encompasses the idea that everyone has a role to play in building a sustainable culture within the school. To break It down, belonging in 2021 is quite similar to putting together a puzzle, starting with the edges, and forming a solid foundation, then filling in the gaps and completing the full vision. It is through this idea of the puzzle that we asked the boys to believe, build and become in order to belong.


In term 4 of 2020, our newly appointed seniors asked the school to believe in the idea of belonging to a community which supported each other in times of both hardship and triumph, where everyone has a role to play. Like the puzzle, the believe phase had the purpose of setting the foundation for the year and building a culture of belonging from this.


In Semester 1 of this year, we moved into the build phase which heavily focused on forming a culture of belonging within the college. With boys flocking to house events, school sporting events like the volleyball, cricket, rugby, and football, as well as gaining presence on the e-sports live streams. We have done an excellent job of fulfilling the building phase. It is important that we keep the energy up for the final weeks of Term 2. This will allow us as to create a strong sense of belonging moving toward the end of the year.


Although we haven’t reached the become phase yet, we are very close. Again, when referring to a puzzle, the become phase can be compared to taking a step back at the finish and admiring the hard work that was put in. For us as a school, we want to be able to recognise that we have achieved a sense of belonging within the school, where boys are comfortable being part of a greater community.
Delegating to get the jobs done:

This year our ideas as a Leadership team for projects to boost the culture and belonging around the College have been outstanding, but the hardest part has been bringing these blueprints to fruition. Being a Vice-Captain is like adding an extra subject at school, at times it can be hard to manage, however we are fortunate to have such a good support group surrounding us.

Staff assistance is imperative. It’s always beneficial to look towards a mentor that has the experience and the skill set to really perfect these kinds of projects. We would like to thank Mr Flanagan, who has been a real rock in assisting with editing and executing our ideas, along with Mr Finn and Mrs Peapell for their guidance.

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We meet with Mr Flanagan between 3 to 4 times a week to consolidate ideas we might have for an upcoming assembly, or a chips and dips podcast. However, we are not alone with this workload. All Captains, including House, House Vice Captains and Cultural Captains have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for future projects and are always willing to help with jobs around the grounds. Whether it be putting up posters or running assembly skits there is always someone willing to lend a hand. It is important to note that some of the best ideas and many of the completed jobs come from people who are not in captaincy roles because here at ATC everyone is called to be a leader.

So far, one of the most important aspects of leadership that we have learnt during this experience is that being a leader is not a one-person job. Crafting, editing and perfecting our ideas for this year’s college theme has taken a considerable amount of time and assistance from staff and peers who have been there to support us.

Feel Good Friday Goals

This year, our seniors have been proactive in the junior school with weekly events such as Feel-Good Friday. Every Friday lunchtime, the Year 12 cohort venture through the middle school to the year 4-6 area, interacting with the junior school students in games and activities such as handball, tiggy and even a bit of touch footy.
It is through these interactions that a foundation of inclusion and belonging is created throughout the college. Despite the fact that the seniors, and juniors have an ample amount of fun on a Friday lunch, the relationships built within this time are priceless. Forging these relationships help create a school environment in which students are comfortable and are able to belong to a greater community.

Leadership in school and beyond

As we move away from ATC life and into the real world, the experience of being a Vice-Captain has equipped us with the knowledge of how to work in a strong collaborative team environment and the skills of execution that come along with it. If you ever find yourself in this situation, a summary of our advice would be, to seek help from mentors, their wisdom, knowledge and experience can help you. Utilise all members of a team and delegate jobs evenly, you can’t do everything yourself. Most importantly, listen to what others have to say, you might learn something new.

Reily Allan and Owen Griffin
College Vice-Captains 2021