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Future Proof Your Son | Get a Kick Start

Why not kickstart your Career while still at school? It’s possible through a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship and for those who love an acronym that’s SAT! The opportunity to start a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT) is available to students in Year 11 or 12 on a VET or QCE pathway and it is an exciting way to gain an edge when commencing a career.

Currently, at the College we have four School-Based Apprentices. Completing a SAT opens a pathway which allows students to work for an employer, get paid and train towards a nationally recognised qualification, while still at school. A SAT must have some impact on a student’s timetable for it to be considered school-based.

A School-Based Apprentice is trained in a trade and upon successful completion of their apprenticeship is a qualified tradesperson. Trades include electrical, plumbing, cookery, carpentry, landscaping, barbering and automotive. A School-Based Apprenticeship requires a student to attend work one day a week, however, it is generally two days a week for students in the Electrotechnology industry. Students may also work during school holidays and on weekends if required. When a student undertaking a School-Based Apprenticeship finishes school, their apprenticeship is automatically converted to either a full-time or part-time basis.

A School-based Trainee is trained in an industry area, such as fitness, information technology, retail, horticulture, outdoor recreation or hospitality, and upon completion will receive a minimum of a Certificate II in the relevant industry area. Completion of a School-Based Traineeship also generally requires a student to attend work one day a week. The achieved qualification can be used as a path to higher learning or employment. As well as on-the-job training students undertaking a SAT also need to complete off-the- job training and assessment. This training can be undertaken in a number of ways including online or attendance at a registered training organisation such as TAFE Queensland Skills Tech. The most appropriate method is decided upon between the employer and student.

Before a student commences a SAT it is recommended they undertake Work Experience with the employer. There are several ways to source a potential position including networking, cold-calling and regularly checking vacancy lists of organisations including MEGT, Busy at Work. MIGAS and Apprenticeship Central. The Careers team are also available to assist and when necessary they will start the process of this pathway. With over 500 occupations available, there is bound to be one which suits your son’s interests and skills if this is his desired pathway.

For more information see these websites:

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Upcoming University Open Days:

  • University of Southern Queensland (Springfield Campus) 7 September,
  • University of Southern Queensland, (Ipswich Campus) 1 September,
  • University of Queensland, (St. Lucia Campus) 5 August,
  • Griffith University, (all campuses) 12 August,
  • Central Queensland University (Brisbane Campus) 9 August.

Please remember to keep an eye out for the ATCareers Bulletin which outlines upcoming events and opportunities at the universities, TAFE and private colleges. It also outlines study tips and includes recent articles and reports regarding the future and changing workforce. Recent copies can be found on the College App in the Year 11 tag.

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Melissa Peacock
Head of Vocational and Career Pathways