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Volunteer - Do Good Feel Good!

With some fishing and family time ahead over the holidays, I can now have time to feel thankful for what has been a fantastic term in the co-curricular life of the College. A highlight of late has been the time I have spent working with our parents to support our boys. Increasingly, I am seeing a groundswell in parent contribution to College activities and we are a better, stronger community for it.

Volunteering at your children’s school is an interesting concept. I am conscious that at times, there is much energy and willingness from parents to assist, yet often people are unsure how to become involved. I must admit, I am in a similar position at my own kids’ school. I am happy and willing to help, but am not sure how. Throughout this year, it has been a really rewarding process to work with our Music Support and Sport Support Groups in particular to create strategies and processes to engage parents in supporting the College and in turn, opening up even greater opportunities for our boys.

Next term, on Saturday 20 October we are holding our annual Jazz by the River event. This is our single biggest community event and an occasion to bring together all members of our community to celebrate who we are. Whilst Art and Music are the vehicle for this, the event is for everyone and so too are the opportunities to assist. Yes, in some ways, this article is a recruitment drive!

For JBTR to be a success this year, we need 100 volunteers to give 60 – 90 minutes of their time to assist in a whole variety of different ways. The organisation of this event is run by a group of very dedicated parents who walk with our staff in creating something unique and special. Please see below the Volunteer Local link where I would encourage parents to find a moment to assist the following parent convenors to facilitate what promises to be another great community event.

2018 JBTR Convenors

Catering – Maelisa McNeil
Registrations – Lisa Morris, Karyn Sherlock & Helen Davidson
Bar – Judith Thorpe & Paul Larter
BBQ – Scott Reid
Volunteers Co-ordination – Brenda Forrest
Art Exhibition & Workshops – Allison White
Decorations – Zoe Tkal & Nicole Whitfield
Ambient Lighting – Richard Bradford
Raffle & Sponsorship – If you can support via Sponsorship or Raffle Items, please email Dannielle Derry.

If you have capacity to assist the above convenors by volunteering your time, please let us know by clicking here.

Student Volunteers

There are also several opportunities for students to volunteer and gain Service hours. Boys who would like to assist with this important event are urged to contact Bernard Wong or Adrian Cullen.

Thank you in advance for your generosity of time and your support of our boys and their College. Have a fantastic holiday period, enjoy some extra time with your sons and I look forward to seeing you all in the new term!

Dave Capra
Director of Co-curricular Activities