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Busting the Myths Around VET as a Senior Pathway

One of the pathways available to Senior students at ATC is VET – Vocational Education and Training. The vast array of options available surprises many students and parents. This is because many of the perceptions people have of VET are not based on fact. The Skilling Australian Foundation found that the following myths are commonly held by people:

Myth : VET graduates earn considerably lower wages than university graduates.

Fact: The median full-time income for a VET graduate is $56,600. The median graduate salary for students completing a Bachelor degree is $61,000.

Myth: VET graduates struggle to find work.

Fact: The proportion of Bachelor degree graduates in full-time employment is currently at 72.9%. Comparatively, 77.3% of VET graduates are employed after training and 91.2% of graduates who participated in VET as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship are employed after training.

Myth: VET is a thing of the past.

Fact: According to the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business, the VET sector currently provides training courses for 8 out of 10 occupations predicted to have the greatest growth of new jobs over the next 5 years. You can read the research findings in Australian Jobs 2019

In fact, what also surprises many parents and students is that in our new ATAR system, VET will continue as a Basis for Admission into University. All Queensland universities have now confirmed that they will have their own Institution Specific Schedule for VET as a basis for admission. Specific details of the requirements for entry with a VET qualification can be found at each of these University websites.

Australian Catholic University
Australian Maritime University
Bond University
Christian Heritage College
CQ University
Griffith College
Griffith University (a completed Certificate III or IV qualification while at school will allow application to study a range of degrees – student must also have passed 4 semesters of English)
James Cook University
Queensland University of Technology (an ATAR plus a Certificate IV or a Diploma will be accepted for entry; however, students who did not obtain an ATAR can undertake further VET education after Year 12 and apply to QUT 2 years later)
TAFE Qld (studying a particular Diploma or Associate Degree will automatically allow entry in an eligible dual-award bachelor degree at QUT*)
The University of Queensland (VET qualifications are recognised from non-school leavers only*)
University of the Sunshine Coast
University of Southern Queensland

There are many pathways available to help a person achieve their goal, regardless of their stage in life. A VET pathway keeps all doors open, leading to both work and/or further education.

Please don’t hesitate to touch base with me to discuss this information in relation to your son’s journey at ATC.

Mrs Michelle Kath
Head of Senior Pathways & Careers