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Truly Exceptional!

Greetings from the Exceptional Learning Centre! Construction of the new Senior buildings wasn’t the only work happening over the holidays. We now have a newly refurbished EL block near the Japanese gardens that is home to the Exceptional Learners team.

In addition to our new home we also have a number of new staff members and existing staff in new roles. In my second year as Head of Exceptional Learners and Year 8 Case Manager, I have the great privilege of working with an outstanding team of talented and experienced staff and it is my pleasure to introduce them:

Gayle Hollister Exceptional Learners Administration Officer: “I see my role in Exceptional Learners very much one of providing support for our boys, their families and our staff. This involves effective and timely communication and a clear understanding of the needs of our boys. This is a dynamic and innovative team and one that I enjoy being a part of.”

Meg Grouhel Year 4 and 5 Case Manager:
“Creating collaborative and successful partnerships with students, teachers and their families is a key focus for me in my new role at ATC in the Exceptional Learners Department. I value open and robust dialogue with all stakeholders so that we are all working cooperatively to create the optimum learning experiences for all our students, with a particular focus on our learners with diverse needs. I have a keen interest in supporting students with ASD and Anxiety and always looking for new and creative ways to engage students in successful learning opportunities and create calm!”

Alison Earle Exceptional Learners Coordinator Year 4-7 and Year 6, 7C and 7W Case Manager:
“Having heard such positive feedback about ATC I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to move from the state system into this role. This allows me to be able to offer support and care to students beyond the more regimented structure I am used to and fits very closely with my personal beliefs. This role also combines my commitment to students who require additional support with my interest in gifted and talented education. I am greatly enjoying the energy of the Junior School and look forward to building strong and successful partnerships with you and your sons.”

Annabel Wolf Year 7 Case Manager:
“Having worked as a School Officer at Nudgee Junior for a number of years, I am delighted to now be supporting the boys as a Learning Support Teacher and Case Manager. I find teaching the boys an absolute joy and look forward to another wonderful year supporting the boys and working with their families.”

Hayley Phillips Year 9 Case Manager:
“I was thankful to be offered the opportunity to experience working in an Edmund Rice school where the ethos so closely supports my vision of inclusive education. With 9 years experience of working in Special Education I am excited to be able to support a wider range of students here at ATC. I look forward to working closely with the Year 9 cohort and their families to support their transition into Senior School.”

Inside our new workspace.

Kym Neech Exceptional Learners Coordinator Year 8-12 & Year 10 Case Manager:
“In my new role this year I am very fortunate to be continuing the journey with the Year 10 cohort as they move into Senior School. A focus of mine will be on facilitating their access to pathways and on ensuring they and their families are as informed and prepared as possible for their post-school transition. I find the energy and enthusiasm of the boys wonderful and the classroom atmosphere it creates a joy to work in.”

Please feel welcome to visit us in our new abode. Have a wonderful week!

Deb Butler, Head of Exceptional Learners