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Triathlon & Aquathlon – Season Wrap

Well, with the running of our last targeted race last Sunday we have come to the end of the ATC Triathlon Program for 2017 and what another fantastic year we have all had. Our junior athletes have been the stars of the show again this year. Right from the first dark and cold training sessions in August they turned up each morning and swam, ran, biked and transitioned with gusto. We very quickly saw a dedicated group of 25 junior athletes commit themselves to the new season.

This year we really aimed at giving our younger Aquathletes some focused aquathlon training. We combined our weekly speed run and transition sessions with Mr. Jones swimming program. Together, as we progressed through the program we saw all the boys improving skills in the key areas. It is exciting each year to see new boys joining the Aquathlon squad for the first time. Many of these boys will go on to be our young triathletes of the future. New Assistant Coach Sophie has enjoyed working with these boys immensely.

This year we had a broader range of age and ability within the Triathlon group and we decided to take a new approach to the program. We included group road rides for our advanced bike riders while still providing wind trainer sessions for our developing riders. We worked hard on our running and transition skills with this group and the boys improved significantly in these areas over the season. It was also very pleasing to see new boys join this group this year.

Athletes got the opportunity to put their training into action at 5 targeted events. We raced the first 3 rounds of the Qld Triathlon Series, round 1 of the Bribie Tri Series and our main targeted event, the All Schools Regional Trials. We saw some fantastic performances from the squad right through the field with podium results and many top 10 finishes.
The boys excelled at All Schools this year. ATC had 25 junior athletes competing, the largest school group, and this was the first year ATC had boys competing in all the event categories. I was so proud of the entire squad and our 12 boys who qualified for Met West selection. ATC finished 4th best school at the event. Quite the achievement as we have no females and only go to Year 10 at the moment. My first acknowledgement for the season goes to the athletes. It is their hard work and dedication that we love to watch and that brings credit to themselves, their families and ATC. Well done boys.

Next, it’s the parents. You are always there to support your junior athletes, making sure their equipment is ready, they are at training and events on time and then cheer at the top of your lungs for them on race day. It’s been another wonderful parent group this year. Thank-you for all your wonderful support.

Thanks also to Mr. Senior, Mr. Capra, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Jones and Mr. Toon for their support of the squad this year.
Whilst the ATC Triathlon Program has come to an end for another year, boys who wish to continue their training and racing can access the TRIPLE F Junior Tri Program for the remainder of the 2017/2018 season. I can supply further details and can be contacted on 0408 035 966 or via the TRIPLE F Face Book page.

Best wishes for the festive season.

Mr Graham Fidler (Coach G)