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Tiocfaidh Ar La

In the dead of night, the Irish Warriors staked their claim, echoing across lake Moogerah, “Tiocfaidh ar la”- Our day will come. For all that witnessed the spine-tingling rendition of ATC’s war cry at the Year 11 Leadership Retreat, it signified that day was finally here. Our leaders have arrived.

After five years of being the custodians of Leadership at the College, Year 11 students are assuming the role of Foundation College Leaders in 2019. It is their time. Over three days last week, they embraced their differences, formed a bond and gained an understanding of what it means to lead with courage and kindness.

Participating in guided sessions on taking responsibility, being accountable, running your own show and working as a team the unique bond that the Foundation Class of Ambrose Treacy College cemented them as future leaders. In addition, the young men participated in facilitated sessions presented by leading experts in mental wellness, goal setting, manhood and masculinity and the reality of young women today. They affirmed their presence and the Brotherhood of this exceptional cohort with overwhelmingly positive comments.

College and House Captains also work-shopped ideas to continue developing our College and its community. What traditions and rights of passage will they create that will resonate and continue for decades to come? Watch this space….. it will be exciting!

Highlights of the Leadership camp also included outdoor activities from canoeing to mountain biking and high ropes courses to high stakes poker. Our young men made us very proud, however, when asked what was the real highlight of the retreat, the resounding response was the College War Cry performed in the dark of night. As individuals they will continue to grow, as a tribe they will forge new paths and lead with Courage.

On their return, students said the retreat gave them a new perspective on mental health and awareness. Some comments included:

It highlighted the positive side of mental health and how that is maintained.’
_’Batyr helped me to understand the strength that may surround talking or opening up about a sensitive topic.’
‘It gave me a sense of encouragement to talk to people about this.’
‘You’ve helped me feel more comfortable in myself.’
‘Thank you very for making talking about mental well-being fun and not embarrassing.’

Paul Towner
Head of Munster House