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Time to Pack Up

The microcosm that is school has concluded for the young men in the white shirts. Their capacity to contribute to the world will be whatever they have challenged themselves to aspire to, guided by the values they have developed during the ATC journey.

It is time for our College leaders to utilise the toolbox that parents and staff have worked tirelessly to help them fill. We will miss the young men who have impacted so many with their presence, however, we realise that the journey as Men of Courage, life-long learners and as gentlemen for the community, has only just commenced.

This year, the 2019 seniors set themselves the task of finding strength through becoming a more unified community. This pursuit was to enable them to become young men who enact positive and meaningful change at school and the wider community. This has been witnessed through the many traditions the seniors have commenced and will now be left behind to be built upon by future boys from the Brotherhood. Overall, the year group has grown into fine pillars of the community – fostering selflessness, courage and leadership as core values. It is pleasing to see young men with such genuine need to enable others through not only words, but their actions by being just, moral and connected leaders of the school.

‘The measure of a man’s strength of character is not through words, but by actions.’

Valuing others’ strengths and finding mutual respect for individual weakness was necessary to overcome the many obstacles encountered in the boys’ final year. Consistent support from staff, family, peers and the belief from the younger members of the College, enabled this year’s graduates to fulfill their promise to the community to be leaders of and for the College. The countless hours devoted to Service, Learning and Leadership and valuing the dignity and self-worth of all, contributed to the success of ATC this year. The community would not be what it is without these young men, just like these young men would not be who they are, without the community. Interdependent relationships strengthen a living system like a school, as steel reinforces a building. It permeates the foundations and binds the core components to be strong as one. The seniors worked as one and in partnership with staff, to build on the strong foundations of Nudgee Junior, with the future in mind as Ambrose Treacy grows, but being mindful of remaining present in the moment.

‘Relationships are the basis for connections, belonging and essential human existence.’

In the final weeks, we have witnessed the strength in community where formation leaders, home room teachers and support staff said farewells at Senior School House Assemblies. Many cuisines across the houses were presented – some cooked by year 9 students and others by the Hospitality staff and students. Each House formation leader brought their own personality to the morning with a genuine sense of community, belonging and celebration of a senior journey coming to a close. Each Senior was presented with a house pen in the hope of taking the knowledge and experience they have gained and writing their individual stories of success. Seniors received accolades and affirmations of their leadership and contributions. This was through staff and student recollections and anecdotes. It was an amazing way to see the Seniors appreciated for what they have done and the way in which they accomplished it.

‘Strength of community is sometimes best revealed in moments where sad times are celebrated.’

We will remember very fond memories of these young men, throughout the all-encompassing fields offered through the holistic education at Ambrose Treacy College. We hope that in years to come, all boys graduating can look back at their time here and relish the friendships, growth and experiences. We hope that all boys may remain in contact with each other as the first Old Boys, and in turn, keep connected to the school for future events and opportunities that Old Boys engage in. We wish all graduates and their families a safe and fulfilling future, where they may be blessed with the outcomes and success that they had in mind when enrolling at Ambrose Treacy College.

Best wishes and God bless.

Brendan Flanagan
Assistant Dean of Formation

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