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The Yield - Harvesting Your Term's Productivity

It has been another full and busy term at ATC and there is much to do to complete the term positively, especially with a significant amount of assessment to be completed over the final fortnight. Thank you for your ongoing support and communication. This time of term is where the fruit of our labours in the classroom and at home are harvested and I wish everyone, especially our Year 12 students all the very best with their assessment. Exam schedules are now available on the ATC App.


Enrolments for Year 7 2023, 2024 and 2025 are now over-subscribed and we have wait lists for Year 7 in each of these years which are growing quickly. If you have a son who is a sibling of a current student, it is very important that you are aware that Catholic schools for boys in Brisbane do their offer rounds for Year 7 all at the same time when these boys are in Year 4, so this year, we have offered places for Year 7 2025 and this process is now complete. In 2023, Year 4 students will be offered places for Year 7, 2026. In recent days we have received correspondence from current families who are looking to enrol their younger sons in one of these years: 2023, 2024 or 2025. It is a nice problem to have as ATC has grown so rapidly, but it poses a problem if we are not aware that you have a younger child that you wish to enrol.

Please CLICK HERE to email Mrs Robyn Donaldson, our Enrolments Officer urgently to make us aware if this is the case. We wish to accommodate current families but we need this information for urgent planning. As a growing school, it has been the situation in recent years that positions were available at ATC throughout the year but without getting too far ahead of ourselves, the tide, for at least the period 2022 to 2025 has very much changed and the only positions we have available are in Year 4 2023 and a small amount in Year 9 2023. Applications for other year levels will be considered at my discretion but we are very quickly reaching a scenario that the brave pioneers of 2015 hoped and prayed for, where ATC would become bountifully populated!

I welcome communication from our Year 6 families who have accepted a position at another school to Mrs Donaldson of their decision prior to the June/July holidays as this decision may open up an opportunity for another family who wishes to join ATC in 2023. The ratio of families who are leaving ATC at the conclusion of Year 6 has been steadily declining in recent years which is very pleasing but it is understood and respected that families choose the pathway for their sons for a variety of reasons. I also welcome any confidential conversations that ATC Year 6 families may wish to have with me about this and invite you to contact me at the College so that we can meet to discuss your questions and support you to discern.

AIC Cross Country Championship

Last Wednesday, for the first time, ATC competed in the AIC Cross Country Championships at Curlew Park. Our team ran extremely well, especially in our junior year levels. Benjamin Schinard won the Year 5 division which was the first race of the day which was very exciting. There were many great performances and splendid sportsmanship throughout the day.

Our overall 9th position is a part of developing the team for the future and learning about the commitment, dedication and sacrifice required to be competitive at this level. Congratulations to all runners for a very good first effort of which we are proud. Thank you to the coaching team and staff who contributed to a successful day. Your time, effort and dedication are greatly appreciated. We hope to learn from this experience and grow towards an improved performance next year.

Co-curricular Ensembles Evening and Breakfast Concerts

Congratulations to all of our musicians who participated in last Thursday evening’s Ensembles Concert and our Breakfast Concerts. It was delightful to have a full hall of supporters and to see the students from the Junior to Senior schools enjoying their music. Well done and thank you to all staff, students and families.

Health News

Cold and Flu
Cold and flu viruses continue to impact students and staff with an average of 15% of the student and staff body absent each day last week I encourage you to ensure your sons maintain good hygiene practices. Please continue to keep your son at home if he is unwell. Please CLICK HERE for Queensland Health’s information on Influenza.

COVID numbers continue to remain relatively low with 10-15 positive student cases each day last week and only two positive staff cases. However, as we come into the final weeks of the term and an assessment heavy period, it remains important that we are vigilant.

• All cases of COVID-19 must stay at home for at least seven days from the date the test was taken. CLICK HERE for more information.
• Close contacts with symptoms must stay home and get tested for COVID-19.
• Close contacts without symptoms may return to school but must wear a mask for seven days after the case’s test date if over the age of 12.
• Staff and students over the age of 12 returning to school after isolating due to COVID-19 must wear a mask for seven days post-isolation indoors and outdoors when they cannot socially distance.

Assessment and absence from school

If your son is absent for a prolonged period due to illness or isolation, it is recommended that you contact the College. Please CLICK HERE to contact the College to advise of a positive COVID case or other illness.

For all learning enquiries, please CLICK HERE to email the Learning Office.
Please CLICK HERE for information on the ATC Assessment Policy and Procedures.
Please CLICK HERE to access the 10 – 12 Senior Illness and Misadventure form.


I ask the community to please keep the following students and their families in your thoughts and prayers after the recent passing of family members. Eddie Dobbrick (Year 4) following the passing of his great grandmother and Owen Greer (Year 12) following the passing of his grandmother. We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of their passing. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

God bless.

Chris Ryan
College Principal