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The Wonderful Things They Will Be

Each night I love to sit down and read some books with my two and a half year old daughter, Abigail. It has become routine for me to do this before she goes off to bed. She gets into her pyjamas, makes sure her favourite pink bunny is in her bed and then she chooses two books to read.

It is one of my favourite parts of the day. A chance to just sit there and be present with one another in an otherwise busy day. She has been picking the same book that encapsulates what every parent hopes and dreams for their children – ‘Emily Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be.’

The book shares the dreams we all have as parents of wanting our children to be happy, to be healthy and to be heroes. We want them to be helpful and kind, but we also want them to be resilient and have that ability to bounce back. We have such an important role to play and particularly in challenging times of transition from primary school to high school. Over recent weeks I have observed how the ATC students have learnt new routines, made new friends, mastered new laptops, followed new schedules and become familiar with a new school campus. Most have taken in their stride. Some have found settling in a little harder. If your son is still finding his stride at school, click here to take a look at our SchoolTV video School Transitions with helpful hints from Dr Carr-Gregg in understanding your child’s feelings during school transition and how to make the first term at a new school a more enjoyable experience for all. I

The best thing about being in a Years 4 to 12 school is that you can guarantee there are parents that have been through some of the same parenting challenges you may be facing. I welcome your comments on Facebook and I encourage you to share your ideas on how you have connected with your son as he transitioned from one year to the next.

I look forward to working not only with the Leinster House students, but all students who are journeying with us in 2019!

Sam Brown
Head of Leinster House