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The State of The Arts

Imagine a world without art. Say goodbye to Spotify and that blood-pumping playlist that gets you through the last kilometre of your run or helps you focus on a work task with zen-like productive vibes.

Forget about Netflix because there aren’t any filmmakers creating alternate realities that transport us to a different place or intricately stitched documentaries that capture the weird and wonderful places, people and creatures on our planet we would never have known even existed otherwise. Throw away that chilled out scroll through Instagram, because the only colour in your wardrobe is grey and every item of clothing is the same because fashion designers decided they were no longer up for it.

A vibrant, diverse world needs exquisite buildings, and public artworks that stop us in our tracks and make us think. We need music to feed our souls, stages and stories that ignite the human spirit and beauty that brings us together. These things are only possible because of The Arts: the actors, dancers, artists, designers, sculptors, architects and musicians who see not only what is, but what could be.

Now more than ever, research is confirming how valuable The Arts is for our well-being as we navigate our way out of lockdowns and experience the joy of shared cultural and community experiences once again. At ATC we celebrate The Arts and value their impact in providing powerful, balanced, holistic learning experiences for our students that will impact their lives far beyond their schooling years. For some reason, we remember that song learned on the guitar in school and we keep that clay sculpture made in class for decades.

Most recently, there was a buzz of excitement in the air during Arts Week earlier in Term 4 with the week more action-packed than ever. Arts Week was a feast for the eyes, the ears and the soul. It was a joy to celebrate the boys’ achievements in a highly visible arena, and we did so through several events.

Our Choral Concert in the Chapel of St Joseph was a festival of our various talented choirs. Our Actors Studio of students in Years 7-12 impressively performed Boy Overboard, a play adapted by Patricia Cornelius from the novel by Morris Gleitzman.

Our week-long ARTery exhibition showcased artworks from Visual Arts students in Years 4-12. Awards were presented by our Principal at the ARTfest evening event and guests enjoyed delicious food from our catering team. Huge appreciation to the AV Club for their tech support, along with the Guitar and Clarinet Ensembles for providing incredible music as exhibition visitors enjoyed the displays. The Media Arts animations wowed the audiences, culminating in record numbers during our finale event; Jazz By The River.

Reinstating Jazz By The River this year in our new area was a fitting way to host our first large event in the riverside space. The evening was a brilliant celebration of the musical talents at ATC with a sell-out crowd enjoying perfect weather as they picnicked on the grass. We couldn’t have asked for a more positive return for this annual event! finally returning after several years.

Thank you to our dedicated staff who make these opportunities for our students possible.

Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music and Drama are all challenging subjects we offer at Ambrose Treacy College that enrich the lives of our students individually, along with our broader college community. Every day, we champion imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills to produce masterpieces from scratch.

We have been truly impressed by the students’ talent and effort throughout 2022 and look with anticipation to the year ahead.

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso.

Caitlin Sneddon
Acting Head of the Arts