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The Sower

During my time at ATC in the role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Coordinator I have been in a privileged position to plant seeds and sow into young people, staff and families. At times you can plant your seed in fertile soil or at times you can plant you seed on rocky ground, and so on and so forth. What then happens to that seed is dependent on where you place it, the elements, the season and the environment.

I know that I have planted many seeds, some of which have been taken by the birds of the air or scorched by the hot sun. However there are seeds that have been sown deep and into good soil. And it is these seeds that will need to be watered (by someone) and then some that will need to be nurtured (by someone) and then in time will eventually need to be harvested and the recipient on the end of this process will then reap the rewards.

In our roles within education there are many people in a position to form and guide young people throughout their lives. I often think about this, and I continue to assess my own processes and try to remind myself about when and where to sow seeds in the lives of young people. I am, at times, also reminded that it is optimal for the ground to be fertile in order for the seed to grow to fruition. Please take a moment to reflect on and think about what YOU need to do with the seed that you have? I’ll miss my times and learnings at ATC and the connections and friendships that I have made.

God bless you all.

*(green)Sammy Leone