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The Ripple Effect of Giving

House Leaders 2017 Tom Sherratt, Charles Cooper, Macsen Martin and Finn Lentz.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Last Friday was our opportunity, as a community, to reflect on one of the College’s three pillars – Leadership. When we sat down as a leadership team to look at what was going to be the basis on which we would form young men at Ambrose Treacy College we decided that leadership, learning and service would be the keys.

Keys to forming young graduating men who were ready to achieve their life’s potential, ready for the world that awaits them, and ready to give to a world that desperately needs givers rather than takers.

Leadership in our terms refers to ways you interact, communicate and influence those around us. At ATC we have a firm tenet that everyone has the capacity to lead. The leadership we would define has more to do with who you are and your willingness to be aware of the impact you have on those around you. The terms power, authority and control are not a part of the leadership we talk to students about.

In believing that all students have a capacity to lead, the challenge we have is how we instil this belief in all of our students and not just the elected leaders who are challenged to take on added responsibilities. One way we guide students in leadership is making them aware of the role models they have around them. In an all boys’ school, one comment I often hear is that good male role models are important to boys. This is correct, but only partly correct. Young boys, on their journey to manhood need good role models; they need good male role models and equally importantly, they need good female role models.

Sharni Webb addressing students at Assembly.

At ATC we are very aware that the effect you have on others is often greater than you think. We are constantly reminded that we never should underestimate the impact our words, actions and attitudes have on the young men we teach. This statement is not gender selective. The young men of ATC are very fortunate that we have a number of men and women who are excellent leaders and excellent role models for them.

At Friday’s assembly we took the decision to invite a variety of our female staff to share their thoughts on leadership and hopefully inspire and challenge all of our students. Linda McPherson, one of our ground staff, Erin Moffat our Head of Year 6, Christine Chapman our Head of Humanities – Senior School, Sharni Webb one of our HPE/Geography Middle School teachers and Lisa Holohan our Head of Humanities – Middle School, addressed the community gathered, sharing their thoughts on leadership and in particular how they thought all students could be leaders. One central theme was that leadership is a reflection on who they are and what they believe in. Similarly, themes of having pride in what you do, of understanding that leadership is something we develop rather than being born with, and that leadership is a choice we make rather than something we are given, were explained by the speakers.

The Learning, Cultural and Service Leaders 2017.

One of the strengths of our community is the quality of the staff we are lucky to have. Our staff are committed and generous. They are committed to the values that underpin our community, they are committed to bringing the best out of the students they teach. They are committed to and understand, the importance and power of strong role modelling. They are all leaders and they choose to exercise this leadership opportunity.

Year 9 Leaders Mitchell Bradshaw, Thomas Kearney, Rory Kerr, Ethan Cuppari and Darren Iulio.


I would like to congratulate our elected student leaders who have been challenged to take on additional formal responsibilities in various leadership roles at the College. It is always a humbling experience to be elected by your peers to represent them. Well done on your selection and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming months.

Year 8 Leaders Tate Burton, Reily Allan, Charles Neumann, Sami Walsh, Zachary Allan and Will Geldard.

Year 10 Service: Patrick Robinson & Seb Silanesu
Year 10 Learning: Hamish Killen & Alastair Bradford
Year 10 Cultural: Quentijn Whitfield & Philip Gerridzen
House Leaders: Charles Cooper (Munster), Macsen Martin (Connacht), Finn Lentz (Leinster)
& Tom Sherratt (Ulster)
Year 9 Sem 1 Leaders: Mitchell Bradshaw, Ethan Cuppari, Darren Iulio, Tom Kearney & Rory Kerr
Year 8 Sem 1 Leaders: Reily Allan, Raphael Badman, Tate Burton, Will Geldard, Charles Neumann,
Sami Walsh
Year 7: To be announced after Camp Week
Year 6 Sem 1 Student Representatives: Zac Allan, Byron Butcher, David Childs, Ethan Draheim, Azino Emu, Fearghus Keogh, Harrison McAvoy, Benjamin McGraw, David McIntyre, Oscar Plant, Jack Scott, Brady Wilson

Year 6 Student Representatives Semester 1 2017

Staff News

Unfortunately we are not always able to keep all the staff we would like to. Last week we farewelled Anne-Marie Champion from the Sports Office. Anne-Marie has been a wonderful addition to the Sport and Activities Office working closely with Dave Capra to ensure our sporting program was well organised and managed. An unexpected opportunity at St Peter’s, where Anne-Marie has a long and strong relationship, came up and she has decided to follow her heart to take on a similar role there. Anne-Marie brought a warm presence and strong efficiency to her role with us and we wish her well in her new challenge.

As one door closes another opens, and this week Lisa Mortlock will take up the new role as Sport and Activities Administration Officer replacing Anne-Marie. Lisa is a well-respected, long serving staff member having worked more recently in the College Front Office. Lisa brings a rich understanding of the College’s story, a very loyal and strong work ethic and an excitement about the new opportunity afforded to her. I am confident that Lisa will transition smoothly into this important role.

Parent IT Tutorial – Change of Date

We had planned a Parent IT Tutorial this Thursday evening, due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to re-schedule this evening to the evening before – Wednesday, 22 February at 6.30pm. Keeping up with technology is a challenge for us all. This tutorial is for parents who want to know more about connecting with the College through our learning management system SEQTA. The majority of the communication we have with parents with regards to their son’s learning and formation journey is through SEQTA. It is a new system for all families new to ATC. If you are new to the College or just want to understand SEQTA a little better, come and join us on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the College Hall.

With best wishes,
Michael Senior