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Learning News - Boys Being Honest About The Arts

An arts education leads students to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Specific art forms can have deep personal meaning to individuals and shape their identity. The ATC Arts curriculum and co-curricular program comprise Music, Drama and Visual Art which are related, but distinct art forms. Each of these areas teach specialist discipline knowledge, skills and understanding. They can also benefit students more broadly.

This is what ATC students had to say about their learning in The Arts this semester. Thank you to all the young men featured below for sharing.

I learned that managing a group of three is very hard. Ryan Ellwood 7T

I liked Drama because I got used to being up on stage in front of people and it built my confidence. Shaymus Malone 8T

Before I did Drama this year I was pretty scared to talk on stage but now I can get up confidently. Angus Murray 8B

Patrick Moloney expresses himself through his saxophone performance.

Whilst taking part in Drama, I obtained communication skills, the ability to stand up and speak, and the ability to analyse entertainment (movies, plays and books). Thomas Johnson 9N

I learned to be more independent in my work. Mitchell Mortensen 9B

I learned collaboration skills and it also gave me confidence. I benefited from these skills in the classroom and at home. Charles Wallwork 9N

I learned about metre, phrases and form. I didn’t know anything about it before. Samuel Pearce 4L

I have achieved the courage to sing. Anonymous 4L

I love music and I enjoy it so much. Lachlan Willis 4N

I have learned to put more effort into my work. Benjamin Bunzli 5N

Music is different at ATC because it engages the student and allows participation in classroom activities. Theodore Borger 5B

I was excited at the end of our choir performance because of all our hard work we had done. It was a big achievement! Joseph Reynolds 5N

In Music this semester, I have achieved many things that I couldn’t do previously like how to play Rocky Mountain on the keyboard. I was proud that learned the song on piano and my mum was as well. Cooper Nasagavesi 7L

In Music I learned that you must listen to the notes carefully and eventually you will be able to tell them apart. This has helped me with all my subjects by paying attention to the finer details. Ethan McGann 7W

Percussion has helped my coordination skills and I enjoy getting up early to play music. Nicholas Craven 7N

Music has made me a calmer person and I have connected to my peers. Caden Goh 7C

Music is an amazing thing. It is a way to forget about everything going on, really let it out and express what you need to get out. I play the sax, sometimes when I am doing homework on the weekend I just get sick of it so I pick up my sax and play something cool from one of the bands I play in. I never really used to do this but now because we have more work and homework this is a regular habit that I love. Patrick Moloney 7C

Thomas Ziebarth expressed his imagination making a clay mask

I have achieved better results in Music than I used to. Now I know I can get these results in other subjects if I apply myself properly. Finn O’Sullivan 7C

When I did my piano assessment I got an A+. I thought I had achieved something which made me feel really proud of myself. Max O’Hagon 7L

I learned that in Music there are a lot more things you can learn than just music. Jack Tapley 7T

I am able to do two things at once while singing. Atticus Solomon 7N

I learned to practise for assessments. This has benefited me as I do it more for other subjects now. Maxwell Allan 7T

I have learned that if I have a supportive teacher I can excel. Tor Dorreboom 7N

I can play drums!!! Lochlan Rutch 8W

I thought Music this term was like a car ride on a mountain. It has lots of twists and turns but the end result is beautiful and stunning. Alexander Davies 8B

Alex Herden enjoyed the challenge of the printmaking process

Visual Art
I liked drawing the monster because we were asked to draw from our imagination. Tobie Williams 4N

I learned that it’s important to not roll too much ink onto the foam as it will go into the lines that we created. Dominyc Schiro-Cook 4N

This semester in Art I have learned that it is important to be patient. Making art takes time and patience and it is important not to rush the creative process. Maxwell Allan 7T

When things don’t go to plan, it is important to problem solve, have a plan B and see the task through to completion. William Bosci 7T

Oliver Cook proudly displays his Kimmy Cantrell inspired clay mask

It’s important to trust the guidance that is given to you because there were times during the printmaking process that were challenging and difficult to understand. Alex Herden 7T

I personally loved making the mask as it is a hands on job, where you can get dirty and express your imagination all at the same time. The end result always gives you a sense of achievement on what you have just created. Thomas Ziebarth 7T

This term I was so excited when it came to making masks inspired by Kimmy Cantrell. I’ve never used this style of art before but now it is my favourite by far because of the way it allows you use the creative side of you but still makes the mask look human. The way we made our masks was challenging and fun. All round I loved doing the masks and I can’t wait to do next term’s activity. Oliver Cook 7T

Mr Jason Goopy, Head of the Arts and Choral Coordinator