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The Lenten Journey

The journey of the spiritual in an increasingly secular world is challenging for people of all ages. My greatest mentor and dear friend, Brother Vic Larkin, who was the Director of the Xavier Noviciate Training Centre for the Christian Brothers here on our school site, was an amazing man.

In his late eighties, before he passed away, he remained contemporary in outlook and view, humorous and self-effacing to the end. At the core of his faith and spirituality was a profound knowing that love, dignity, respect and relationships are at the heart of all that is worth knowing about God and the human experience.

He was marvellously open minded about the mystery of God, the divine and the Jesus who wants to live in our hearts forever, and rather than using as many words as I often find myself using, he lived his faith in the every day by example, in the ordinary and in the incidental as a model of the way of Christian life.

I thought of Vic last Friday when I spent some precious time with our vibrant Year 4 boys in the Chapel for their retreat. He is pictured in a wonderful photo at the back of the Chapel taken in 1967. Typically, he is smiling while many other Brothers around him look quite dour, as many of them were!

At the retreat, I asked the boys who Obi Kenobi was and I was told that he was a Jedi Knight and a mentor who protected the galaxy. I said, ‘Well, Br Vic was my Obi Kenobi; a wisdom figure for the ages.’ I may have even taken my light sabre that Billy, now in Year 5, presented to me last year to show the boys!

Another wisdom figure, besides Brother Vic, that we have in these extraordinary times is Pope Francis. I greatly enjoyed being with our Years 4 to 7 students for their Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Their enthusiasm, naturalness and openness are infectious. As a part of the Liturgy, Pope Francis’s words of wisdom for the sacred time of Lent were shared. In our own lives, there has never been a Lent like this year where we journey in a desert of fear and the unknown but with a hopefulness of the coming months bringing further clarity, good news and signs of healing as the pandemic continues throughout the world.

It struck me that Pope Francis’s words of wisdom on how we may approach fasting this Lent were very much worth sharing with the ATC extended family:

Do You Want to Fast This Lent?

Camp Week

Week 6 Term 1 is an enormous week of activity for students, parents and staff as we enjoy Camp Week. Thank you to Mr David Gardiner, Ms Tammy Sleeth and all of the various coordinators of our program. This undertaking is not possible without the extraordinary generosity, expertise and care of our staff and I thank them for this on your behalf. Further, I thank their partners, families and children for their gift of them for some extra time on these programs. Again, this huge week would not be possible without the support of our staff families. Finally, thank you to our parents and caregivers for your support of your son, communication with us and trust in us as we facilitate what will be a great experience next week.

Local Traffic

There was an article in Saturday’s Courier Mail about congestion around schools at pick up time on the northside of Brisbane. At least we are not alone thought I!
Earlier in the term I highlighted the importance of a few matters connected to traffic after school. Thank you to the vast majority of people who co-operate, are safe and participate in the established system. I continue to monitor this situation, manage complaints from our patient neighbours and communicate my concerns to local council. Most afternoons, the traffic clears in about 20 minutes but numerous avoidable issues complicate things, upset people and cause danger. I ask you to:

• Please join the ‘system’ that is established.
• Parking on each side of the road, particularly on Boundary and Twigg Streets is disastrous for traffic flow and neighbour relations.
• Please do not park on the Indooroopilly Workout site- it is trespassing.
• Please do not use the Indooroopilly Workout site as a thoroughfare from Bridge Road to Witton Street.
• Please do not park away from the school site and call boys to cross the road at unmarked parts of the street- it is extremely dangerous.

ATC P&F Welcome Event Kick Off Cocktails

The College, with the support of the ATC P&F invite you to the 2021 Welcome Event, Kick off Cocktails on Saturday 13 March at Figs on Sylvan, Wests Rugby Club Toowong from 6.30pm to 11pm. Entry Ticket is $25 which includes finger food, a welcome drink, (your choice of wine, beer or a sparkling) one entry into the raffle, great music and good company! Raffle tickets in one Term’s Tuition Fees (valued at up to $3414) are $10 each, 3 for $25 or 8 for $50. Entry Tickets and Raffle tickets can be purchased through your Parent Lounge account under the Tours & Excursions invitation. I thank the P&F for their support.


I ask the community to please keep Daniel Weideman (8 Bodkin), Ignatius Dempsey (5 Nolan) and Henry & Fergus Robertson (8 Campbell & 10 Munster) in your thoughts and prayers following the recent passing of their respective Grandfathers. We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of their passing. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

God bless.

Chris Ryan