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The Key Ingredient for Success in 2022

The beginning of the 2022 school year is one not like any other we have experienced. Students have returned to school late; many have not seen their friends for two months and over the past week students have had to begin the school year from home by joining online orientation and virtual classrooms to engage with new teachers and timetables.

Students are also facing the challenges of our current global context that include the pressures of illness, isolation and uncertainty.

So how can students succeed amidst the pressures and uncertainty that this year may bring?

The truth is, we will all face adversity from time to time. Successful people find a way to jump hurdles and navigate around roadblocks that may stop others completely. Hard times happen. In order to grow and achieve during the hardest of times, students need to develop their resilience.

Resilience is a class of phenomena characterised by good outcomes despite serious threats to adaptation or development (Masten, 2001). Resilience is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the ‘ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change’.

The concept of resilience explains how individuals overcome severe risks and adversities despite the odds being stacked against them.

How can we help students commit to developing their resilience?

Accept the situation
Firstly, students must not look to blame others for their problems. Blaming the situation or other people sabotages the ability to come up with solutions and next steps forward. Accept the situation and commit to moving forward.

Refuse to give up!
To overcome an obstacle, students need to fully commit to finding a way forward. They need to develop a mindset where they approach a problem determined and motivated. Encourage students to view problems as something to be overcome and solved, not passively accepted.

Find motivation
When life gets tough, it is important that students are reminded why they are doing what they are doing. When we have purpose and passion to achieve our goals, we are motivated to keep pushing through until we are successful. Students should set immediate and long-term goals. Their learning goals for this year should link to what they hope to achieve once they leave school.

Test your resilience
Take this quick survey by CLICKING HERE, to see how resilient you are. Despite our level of resilience, we can all strive to develop it further – this can lead us to success in all avenues of life.

At Ambrose Treacy College, we commit to developing student resilience. We believe all students are capable of change and growth; that they can see the challenges faced this year as temporary setbacks to achieving their success. Students, I challenge you to set your goals and determine you new year’s resolutions. Remember, it isn’t that you have not achieved them, you simply haven’t achieved them YET!

Lara Morgan
Dean of Learning