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Lenten Fayre - The Ekka on Jack Bowers Oval

Of all the sacrifices that Covid-19 enforced upon us, perhaps the loss of Lenten Fayre was the one which hurt the most. The ‘Easter Ekka’ has become a wonderful tradition at ATC, occurring on the final day of Term 1. Each class devises, plans and implements an activity for other students to enjoy, picture a Sideshow Alley on Jack Bower’s Oval. Colour, laughter, and competition erupts as boys toss, race, throw and scheme their way to glory. Divine rewards await in the form of sweets, savouries, drinks, or bragging rights! Gourmet hotdogs, buffalo skewers or chicken kebabs ensure that no-one goes hungry. Furthermore, ‘lob a choc’, ‘ping pong challenge’ and ‘sponge the teacher’ are simple examples of the frivolity that awaits.

In terms of the day’s logistics, we will begin with an Easter Liturgy, followed by the House X-Country and then the Fayre. It will begin at 1:20pm and be all over by 2:30pm. It is a flurry of activity. We ask that all families and boys donate what they can. Can you give more than you get? Can you seek charity, rather than a bargain? If every student has $10-$20 in coins, the coffers of those who need it can be filled.

Our target for the day is $10,000. I am asking staff and students to be creative and generous. To donate, participate and give. As wonderful as it is to finish the term with smiles, following a busy exam period, the real purpose of the Lenten Fayre pertains to charity. One of the three challenges which we are presented with in Lent is almsgiving. To put our hands deep into our pockets and give to those in need. This generosity, combined with deeper prayer and genuine sacrifice, allow us to live lives which empower ourselves and others. On Ash Wednesday, we pledged as a Catholic community to do all that we could to bring these Lenten values to life.

All funds will be donated to organisations that need it the most. From Mithra to St Vincent De Paul, the coins we receive from the community will see essential items passed onto those who need it most.

Friendship Groups

A key tradition at Ambrose Treacy College is our ongoing association with our year level cohorts and their respective Friendship Groups. Friendship Groups are community organisations that we have chosen to partner with to provide opportunities for our students to live their faith through actions. Every year level and House are linked to a Friendship Group. Service Coordinator Mr Andrew McCrohon is passionate about our partnerships with Friendship Groups in 2021 and believes that we can make a big difference through small acts of service.

At ATC, designated curriculum time allows boys to learn the story of the Gospel and what it means to be a Sign of Faith, it is their involvement in service and charity that provides the opportunity to explore faith in a meaningful and hands-on manner. It is important to recognise the reciprocal nature of our relationships with all our Friendship groups. Through Service, there is an exchange that occurs. The young people of Ambrose Treacy College altruistically give their charity, time, and talents, in return, receiving the gift kindness, joy and love from those that we serve. This exchange leaves us indebted to those that we initially came to support.” – Mr Andrew McCrohon, Service Coordinator

Commencing in Term Two, and continuing throughout the year, boys will be given the opportunity to support their Year Level Friendship Group. Soon, they will hear form their Formation leader to provide the details of how to get involved. I strongly encourage all boys immerse themselves in this Friendship Group opportunity.

But don’t wait until Term 2. A significant chance to serve and connect presents itself at the Lenten Fayre. Don’t miss out!

Matt Warr
Dean of Faith and Mission