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The College App

All parents and caregivers should now have now installed the College App and we appreciate our new parents using the ‘Orientation’ tag over the past 6 months. As the majority of communication from the classroom, Sport Office, Music Department and College Administration is posted to the App at the start of the new school year, you are reminded to subscribe to your son’s 2021 year level and homeroom now as well as his co-curricular activities that he may be interested in participating in during Term 1.

Your co-curricular subscriptions will need to be changed each term as your sons interests and activities change. Remember to update your preferences in the App SUBSCRIPTIONS section. By doing this you will ensure you receive all vital information and more importantly, only receive information that is relevant to your family. By setting your subscriptions, you also guarantee receiving notices when registration for Sport and Club activities are released.

For instructions on how to set your subscriptions and notifications on the College App please view the video