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The Big Hitters

Ben Rogers on his run up.

There has been some precipitation around in the early morning of the last couple of Saturdays, as my webbed feet will attest, but it’s not been rain that has caused problems for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians whilst utilising Witton Road. Left handed batsmen Ryan Mayer and Hayden Snowden from ATC 4 Cork took to the Valley Hawks bowling attack on Brothers Oval West on 10 February 2018 hitting a number of deliveries over the fence and onto the road. So frequent was their dispatch that a parent was strategically placed to return the ball in good time. There is no truth to the rumour that The Workout Fitness Centre closed their shutters whilst ATC batted!

Astonishingly, there have been two ties recorded already this season. ATC 9/10C let slip the chance to record their second win of the season against Padua on 10 February 2018. The scores were locked at 100 apiece when overs ran out. ATC 5C also missed their chance to record a second win for the season against Villanova last Saturday. The boys dismissed Villa for 75 and thought the match well in hand when equaling that score in the 19th over. Oops. A miscount revealed twenty overs had actually been bowled and the tie resulted.

Motto to the story: Don’t leave the run chase until the last over.

Congratulations to boys in all Year Levels participating in the Term 1 cricket program for the hard work you have undertaken since August/September. Your commitment, and that of your coaches, has been a pleasure to watch. The support and involvement of ATC parents and the whole ATC community is amazing and I thank all who contribute.

Representative pathways are open to ATC boys who seek such honours. Recently, Ben Rogers was selected in the MetWest 15-19 years boys cricket team. We congratulate Ben and wish him well in the next stage of the journey with the State Championship in Toowoomba in early March. Last Sunday, Aidan Brennan, Cooper Beachy-Head and William Parkinson were chosen to participate in the next leg of the Brisbane North U12 selection trials in October. We congratulate these boys and wish them every success. This Sunday, Luke Wegner, Kit Lilienstein, Hugo Hart, Tyson Juillerat, Isaac Barnes-Cleary and Hayden Entriken will trial for Brisbane North U13 selection whilst Sam Hewson, Ben Webster, Bastien Walter and Dylan Denny will trial for Brisbane North U14 selection. We wish these boys all the best. Sami Walsh, Elijah Bolton, Reily Allan and Oliver McAvoy will get their chance for Brisbane North U15 selection mid March.

Enjoy the next four weeks of the season. Happy cricketing!
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Brett Henschell Cricket Coordinator
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