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The Benefits of School Camp

Well, we have almost made it to the end of week 6, which at ATC means one thing– the end of Camp week 2016. I was most fortunate to attend and participate in the Year 6 Camp at Emu Gully. From what I saw and the reports I have received from other Year levels, the camps have once again been extremely successful. The benefits of school camp for the boys are numerous.

Here are my top four:

Development of social skills

School camp is a great opportunity to develop a range of social skills. Most activities at camp involve team work, which is great to strengthen established friendships and also to develop new friendships by connecting with children they don’t regularly talk with at school. Through bonding activities, children develop supportive relationships not only with different children, but also with their teachers. Whilst on camp, children have the opportunity to learn about acceptance, caring and understanding.

Development of independence skills

For many boys school camp is their first time away from family and home for a few nights. Parents are not there to remind their kids to eat their vegetables, brush their teeth, or to have a shower. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for kids to grow up by learning how take care of themselves and to do things on their own. As we have seen this week, most boys thrive on the challenge and learn to rely on themselves when they spend
time away home.

Increased environmental awareness

During camp, children are exposed to authentic nature-based experiences. Hands-on activities in the outdoors stimulate all senses and facilitate learning. The boys become more aware of the environment, develop outdoor skills and appreciation for nature.

Learning new skills

One of the best parts of our camp program is the sequential development of activities the boys are exposed to whilst at ATC. Whilst on camp the boys are exposed to a range of activities that they may not have tried before. We have certainly seen a willingness for boys to try new things by being adventurous and to test their limits.

School camps in the Junior School at ATC in 2016 have once again clearly been a fantastic opportunity for the boys to develop new skills, friendships and interests. I would like to thank the wonderful staff, both teachers and school officers across Years 4-6 that gave willingly of their own family time to assist in the supervision of the boys during the week. I know that boys and parents totally appreciate their efforts and recognize that spending time away from their own family is always a difficult. I thank them for their personal sacrifices and commitment to the College.

Mr Michael Stewart, Head of Junior School