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Taking the Classroom Outside

It’s Excursion season – a time where classrooms move outside and students’ learning gets hands-on with experiments and observations and they meet industry experts. Last week Year 7 Geography classes travelled to Cormorant Bay at Wivenhoe Dam and carried out an in-depth investigation of our water health.

Being outdoors and bringing relevance to this unit of work inspired students with their experiential learning. They tested the source of our drinking water, as learnt water-wise techniques from industry experts. As Geography is very much an evidence based subject, carrying out actual water tests using physical (temperature, turbidity) and chemical tests (pH, Phosphates and Dissolved Oxygen) on the water at Wivenhoe painted a picture of the different ways to think about water quality. The good news is – our Dam is Healthy!

Boys also learned how SEQ Water is ensuring that South East Queensland is ‘drought proof’ through the interconnecting pipe network, the desalination plant at Tugan and water recycling plants at Luggage Point, Bundamba and Gibson Island.

Students were excited to gain an understanding on how Wivenhoe Dam acts as a flood mitigator as well – which is particularly pertinent given the recent rain events. It was also wonderful to see the Dam at its full operation capacity of 90%. The students also ventured to the Wivenhoe Dam spillway where a constant flow of water from the Dam helps ensure the healthy flow of the Brisbane River.

A final treat of the day was to see a practical demonstration of the water treatment processes that ensures clean drinking water is delivered to our homes. What a great experience for the boys and a terrific day out! Mr Reeves and I were very impressed with the boys’ active involvement in all sessions, with their respect for the SEQ Water staff and their good behaviour on the day.

Ms Miranda Jack
Geography Teacher