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Take Action Show Courage

Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behaviour and a power imbalance that can be physical, verbal or relational. In any of its ugly forms, bullying is something that is not tolerated at ATC. Our Anti-Bullying Policy states that all members of the ATC Community have the right to feel safe from bullying or harassment in all its forms.

When we are positive in our interactions our ‘buckets’ become full of positive and empowering thoughts, words and actions.

On Friday 15 March our community stood in solidarity against violence and bullying and joined forces for the National Day of Action. We shared our intentional language that is used at the College to promote the expected behaviours of our ATC gentlemen in our mission of forming men of courage.

• Compassionate: We are kind and hopeful
• Optimistic: We are positive and proactive
• Upstanding: We are honest upstanders
• Respectful: We show pride and perspective
• Accountable: We are responsible and accountable
• Grateful: We are thankful
• Empowering: We are selfless

School TV a resource that we have promoted this term and parents and teachers can use this when navigating through the complexities of boys and school life. One segment on School TV addresses cyberbullying. The statistics are confronting and alarming. Twenty percent of young people between 8-17 years old have been the target of cyber bullying, that is around half a million young people.

We have a responsibility as teachers and parents to arm ourselves with the information to support the boys as they engage more and more online and I encourage you to click here to watch this report on ATC SchoolTV.

Matthew Ribeiro
Head of Year 9