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Tackling Sport with Optimism and Compassion

Term One Sport is well underway with the start of AFL, Cricket, Swimming, and Volleyball. It has been great to see all the students getting involved and there is clearly a lot of excitement for the term ahead. Our AFL players and cricketers compete weekly against schools from the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) organisation, while our volleyballers have fixtures in the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) and against some Greater Public Schools (GPS). The Swimming Program is jam packed with a series of meets leading into the GBC and AIC Championship meets.

The objective of creating these pathways for students is to continue their engagement with activities beyond their ATC journey. By keeping our core focus of ‘providing enjoyable and authentic opportunities that facilitate life-long engagement’ we continue to build a holistic sporting culture that promotes age and stage relevant opportunities for all students. We put a strong emphasis on growth and development through healthy competitiveness and camaraderie.

A warm thank you and congratulations is extended to our 2022 Senior cohort for their outstanding start to the year. Not only have these young men committed to their own sports, but a large number have contributed to the broader community by assisting with the coaching of our younger teams and attending matches as vibrant spectators. These actions are ensuring a strong rapport and connections across the College and are living examples of the 2022 Senior theme of, “As One”.

Sport brings boys together 'As One'.

In alignment with the Formation Team, there’ll be a strong emphasis on Compassion and Optimism in the sporting space during Term 1. Compassion towards teammates, opponents, officials, staff, and spectators is an integral component of participation and strongly influences the enjoyment and quality of the experience for all involved. While ATC students will always be encouraged to compete to the very best of their ability, there will be a strong expectation to be compassionate and empathetic through such actions as: encouraging teammates, supporting students and teams in other year levels, congratulating opponents for their performances, and thanking staff and officials for facilitating the training session or game, just to name a few.

Display of compassion on the footy field with AFL Firsts team mates helping an injured player.

A sense of optimism has been vital in the world of sport in the last few years and a trait we hope the young men of ATC continue to embody and display consistently. There will always be bumps in the road amongst the highly successful times and through sustained resilience and guidance from staff, ATC students will promote optimism by committing wholeheartedly to all endeavours, working hard irrespective of the state of the game, and displaying a positive attitude during training and matches.

New Staff and Coordinators

The end product of a successful day on the sporting field/court/track/pool would not be possible without the efforts of the enthusiastic and experienced staff who put the respective programs together. In advance and anticipation, we send a warm thank you to the many people who generously give their time to support ATC students in their sporting pursuits in 2022.

We warmly welcome these new staff members into the Sport and Activities Office for 2022:
- Rhett Cope, Athletic Development Coordinator
- Henry Mahoney, Sports Officer
- Melia McCarthy, Assistant Sport Administrator

We also acknowledge our Term One Coordinators and their support staff, who will lead their respective sports with professionalism and ambition and ultimately ensure quality experiences for all students who are involved:
- Michael Keys – AFL Coordinator and Jake Hogan – Assistant AFL Coordinator
- Jarrod Turner – Cricket Coordinator and Harry Walker – Assistant Cricket Coordinator
- Paul Jones – Swimming Coordinator
- Tim Walker – Volleyball Coordinator and Finn Bell – Assistant Volleyball Coordinator

We wish all students the very best for 2022 and look forward to contributing to a positive year for them.

Jarrod Turner
Head of Sport

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