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Support Groups Nurturing our Future

You may have noticed that there has been a fair amount of work happening on Brothers and Jack Bowers Oval. The new multi-court project (tennis, volleyball, basketball) is a school funded project and part of our co-curricular infrastructure plan, however the cricket net project is a different beast altogether. ATC Cricket Coordinator Mr Brett Henschell and ATC U12 Cricketers Kit Lillienstein, Seb McCormack and Will Parkinson (pictured above) are very excited about our new nets! Congratulations to the three boys for their selection this week into the U12 Northern District Cricket Team. The new nets will enhance their training even more!

Cricketers and their families may have noticed that (unlike our Cricket Coordinator Brett Henschell who gets better with time), our cricket nets were looking very old and run down and had become unsafe. The ATC Parents and Friends Association were very open to a proposal to assist the College in a redevelopment project and donated $10,000 towards replacing the netting and gates, painting the steelwork, replacing wickets and installing safety netting on the roof of the net complex. On behalf of the ATC Cricketers and the Sport Department I would like to sincerely thank the ATC P and F for their generosity and support of our co-curricular program.

I often write about the great relationship that exists between all members of our community – the staff, students and families. With boys at the centre of this dynamic I believe that it is our shared purpose and buy-in that allows such a strong relationship to exist. We are all in this together and the combined personalities, skills and experiences are our ingredients for success. This year in particular in the co-curricular life of the College we have been particularly focused on being more strategic bringing together members of our community to create opportunities for our boys.

Whilst we have always had wonderful groups of parents providing support to the Music and Sport programs through hospitality, people-power and expertise, this year we have formalised these groups and developed a Music Memorandum of Understanding and a Sport Memorandum of Understanding to give clarity and structure for the people involved.

Spearheaded by parents Mae McNeill, Lisa Morris, Richard Bradshaw, Danielle Denny, Karen Sherlock and Andy McAvoy the Music Support Group have donated Bluetooth Speakers for all tutor rooms to use during lessons, formal choral folders for our choirs and $3000 worth of microphones, lights and production gear which is already being used for performances in Nudgee Junior Hall. Led by parents Helen Hicks, Donna Densley, Reg Roberts and Andy McAvoy, our Sport Support Group have worked with Lisa Mortlock and Sport staff to provide hospitality at dozens of sporting events this year. The money raised is being used to improve our capacity to host sport at the College in a variety of ways. We are still finalising this and look forward to sharing the progress with our community in the near future. Both groups are establishing targets that include developing the co-curricular culture of the College, raising funds for projects that benefit as many students as possible and increasing the number of volunteers assisting with supporting the boys in their co-curricular life.

Over the coming week, we will launch Jazz by the River 2018. I would like to call for assistance in a few areas, firstly for an additional person to assist Jude Thorpe with convening The Glenn Miller Bar, secondly for one more person to assist Scott Reid with convening the BBQ and lastly, one person to coordinate the volunteers who assist on the day. Jazz by the River is our biggest community event of the year and whilst music, art and drama are the focus for gathering, JBTR is an event for every single member of our community and their families. If you are able to assist with BBQ, the Bar or volunteer coordinating, please click here to get in touch with me.

With a renewed purpose and vision, I look forward to working with the Music and Sport Support Groups into the future. We are always encouraging more parents to join the ranks and would welcome your email to either the Sport Department or the Music Department indicating your interest in joining us!

Warriors go Brach!

Dave Capra
Director of Co-curricular Activities