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Stress-busting Laughter

In a newsletter article written in Term 1, I wrote about Matthieu Ricard, who has been proclaimed as the “happiest man in the world”. In keeping with this theme, I wanted to explore further the importance of laughter, especially in schools.

Laughter is very important to us. Scientists are confident they have proven that it can stop us from feeling pain. So what about laughter in schools- is this a good thing or bad thing? It is most definitely a GREAT thing to witness and fortunately it is something that I come across on a daily basis in the school yard, in the classroom and even in the staffroom. A sign of a healthy school is the regularity and the quality of its laughter in all these areas. Here at ATC we regularly refer to ourselves as a community. Relationships are at the very heart of every community. Victor Borge, a Danish comedian once said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

So what is it about laughter that makes it so valuable? It is contagious, creating its own wave of joy. Scientists tell us the joy we experience from laughter results from the release of ‘happy chemicals’ that make us feel good. We speak of mindfulness as living in the moment and laughter creates happiness in that moment.

It is said that stress is the silent killer in modern society. In a school community everyone at some point in time has been stressed. The positive emotions created by laughter are a circuit breaker, providing relief for students and staff from stress. Sometimes it only takes some temporary relief to allow people to view problems from a more fruitful perspective. As we continue to grow as a school community we need to remember the words of tycoon, Andrew Carnegie: There is little success where there is little laughter.

ATC Dad’s Connect

As the ATC Mums Connect Program begins (see Deputy Principal’s article) we are also responding to a large volume of enquiries from dads requesting a follow-up on the successful Dad’s Connect Program held in Term 1. As such we are offering dads (grandfathers, uncles etc.) a regular “top-up” session. This is accessible to all men in the ATC Community whether or not you participated in the initial Dad’s Connect Program. The details of the initial follow on session are as follows:

Who: Dads (no sons are to be present)
When: Tuesday 7 June 2016
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where: Chapel of St Joseph – Ambrose Treacy College
RSVP: by Tuesday 31 May 2016.
Questions: Please email the Dean of Formation, Mr Conor Finn

Future programs are also being planned as a means to keep the momentum and connection from the Dad’s Connect Program as well as to discuss and plan future initiatives.

Congratulations to our Cu Chullain award winners for week 6:
Year 4: William Ellison, Cooper Beachy-Head, Joseph Walsh, Teo Luxford
Year 5: Elijah Harris-Loft, Isaac Barnes-Cleary, Conor Hourigan, Ruben Bojorge
Year 6: Tom Tracy, Lachlan Johnson, Cam Wharmby and Gabriel Shaw.

Mr Michael Stewart, Head of Junior School