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Stepping into Term 3 with Faith and Hope

I warmly welcome our parents, caregivers, staff and students to Term 3! Last week, our nation celebrated National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

This voice has evolved throughout the 20th century and into this century, and there is much more to do, understand and act upon. In seeking to play our humble part in healing country, as this year’s theme calls us to do, we acknowledge the Turrbal and Jagera elders past, present and emerging who share story through their language and culture, raised children and care for the land and waterways where our school stands. On Tuesday this week, as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we will celebrate NAIDOC Week with Masses for Years 4 to 7 and Years 8 to 12.

This week, and in all weeks, we commit our community to walking with, learning from and growing with our students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and their extended families. We give thanks for our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation and look forward to continuing our journey together. It was wonderful to see Ash Barty conclude NAIDOC Week with a joyous and powerful win at Wimbledon; a great role model and example for all young Australians.

Student News

A warm welcome to ATC to the following boys who joined our Year 4 community today: Finley De Cruz, Xavier Del Favero, Joseph Greaves and Hamish Hartley.

Staffing News

We welcome the following new members of our staff community and congratulate staff who are acting in various positions of leadership this term or semester:

1. Cooper Beutel – IT Service Desk Officer
2. Melissa Clifton – Inclusive Practices Case Manager (Week 4 commencement)
3. Lisa Emu – Junior School teacher – 5 Treacy (Semester 2)
4. Maioha Gregory – Head of VET
5. Sandy Macmillan – Middle School RE teacher (Semester 2)
6. Elizabeth Madsen – Junior School teacher – 6 Lynch (Semester 2)
7. Danielle Schossow – School Officer – Senior School
8. Deborah Wessling – Science Laboratory Technician
9. Mark Zernike– Maintenance and Grounds School Officer
10. Augusto Kelly – Kitchen Assistant
11. Graeme Cracknell – Tuckshop Cook and Sports Canteen Coordinator

Acting positions – Semester 2, 2021
1. Kristy Freer – Acting Head of Senior School Science
2. Dallas Moffat – Acting Director of Administrative Operations
3. Erin Moffat – Acting Head of Year 7
4. Cameron Pickering – Acting Head of Year 6
5. Ben Rerden – Acting Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development & Learning Analytics

Year 11 Leadership Camp

Our Seniors of 2022, our fourth, commence their Leadership Camp this Wednesday at Lake Moogerah. We have been blessed by three strong pioneering groups in the Seniors of 2019, 20 and 21 and this group will stand on the shoulders of the culture and traditions they have forged.

It is equally important that this group is distinctive in its own way and these days are a great opportunity to reflect, engage and plan for the journey ahead collectively and individually. I wish these young men every success and look forward to spending some of this time with them. I take this opportunity to thank the staff who have prepared the program and will facilitate these days and join the boys on this significant rite of passage.

Year 12

I wish to extend our community prayers and thoughts to our Year 12 young men as they commence their final semester of schooling. This time will go fast and there is much to do. The rhythm of the school year is very different under the new senior schooling model and, in reality, due to the COVID related impacts of 2020, this is the first year where we have fully experienced the process. It is certainly very busy for students and staff alike. We wish our Year 12 students the very best in their study, their co-curricular and service activities and in their friendships as they work together with parents and staff and support one another. This group led our student community well in in the first half of the year and it is time for renewed energy and commitment. The job is not done yet, it is time to focus and build on what was achieved in Semester One. I am very confident that our Seniors will lead the way.

Future Events

As indicated in my community letter last Friday, the current restrictions are in place until this Friday and will then be revised. Once further information is to hand, we will be able to make decisions regarding how we can facilitate events with either parents in attendance or via online links in the coming weeks. A reminder that under one person per 4sqm restrictions, it is virtually impossible for us to host parents at large student attended indoor gatherings. Hopefully these restrictions may soon be relaxed. Further information to come via the College App for the following events being held in Weeks 1 to 4:
• Wednesday 21 July University & TAFE Displays
• Wednesday 21 July Years 10 & 11, 2022 Subject Selection & Pathway Information evening – (parents of current Year 9 and Year 10) likely to be moved to online similar to last year
• Tuesday 27 July QTAC Information Evening for parents of Year 12 students likely to go ahead in person in NJ Hall
• Week 3 Academic Awards Assemblies (students’ parents notified via email) being reviewed according to Health Authorities advice
• Week 3 Signum Fidei Breakfasts (students’ parents notified via email) will proceed
• Co-curricular activities – commencing weekend 1
• Saturday 31 July Trivia Night – dependent on restriction changes.

Take care and God bless.

Chris Ryan