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Stand and Sing With All Your Brothers

The voice of Edmund Rice was strong at our recent Opening Mass as our first cohort of Year 12s began the year leading the College war cry and song. There is nothing like the roaring sound of 1200 young men from Years 4-12 uniting as one. Our school song brings us together and tells our ATC story.

People coming together to sing is not unusual. In fact, to sing is to be human. Singing has always been a part of everyday activities, rituals and storytelling. It is the most accessible, economic and inclusive form of music making. Everyone can sing for free and it can happen anywhere. No doubt there will be spontaneous sing-alongs on bus journeys on the upcoming camps!

Just like riding a bike, singing is a skill learned over time. The more you do it, especially with expert guidance, the more skill and confidence you gain. It is never too late to learn – just ask Miss Little about growth mindset! Your voice is also your personal built-in musical instrument and represents your inner musician. Singing also grants you access to the discipline of music and all of its benefits.

We know from neuroscience that when we sing, our brain is fired up in new and different ways. Endorphins are released that make us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. There are numerous physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits that arise from singing.

Physical benefits

1. Strengthens the immune system
2. A physical workout
3. Improves your posture
4. Helps with sleep

Psychological & emotional benefits

5. A natural anti-depressant
6. Lowers stress levels
7. Improves mental alertness

Social benefits

8. Can widen your circle of friends
9. Boosts to your confidence
10. Broadens communication skills
11. Increases your ability to appreciate others

Research is now suggesting that when we sing with others, these benefits are amplified and are the most transformative. Singing in groups triggers the communal release of bonding hormones and can even synchronise our heart beats.

If you doubt these claims, I encourage you to view and listen to these Liverpool football club fans!

Singing of all kinds happens on campus daily. It is not uncommon to hear sporadic utterances of boys’ favourite music between classes or at break. Like we show our College pride and spirit through war cries, we also proudly sing the school song. We encourage all boys to use singing as another form of prayer and a way to participate in liturgical celebrations. All boys from Years 4-7 develop basic singing skills through the curriculum class music program and into the elective years. These skills are refined in our choral program involving over 100 boys from Years 4-12 who lead through music service at College liturgical celebrations and have their own performance schedule at local and nationally recognised events and venues. Individualised specialisation is also available through our one-on-one singing tuition program.

If you or your son would like further information regarding singing opportunities at the College, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Jason Goopy
Head of The Arts & Choral Coordinator

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