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Sharni Webb - From the Classroom to the Footy Field

Recently, the ABC interviewed ATC teacher and Brisbane Lions player Sharni Webb. Sharni is Assistant Head of Year 9 and deftly manages her dual professional roles in the classroom and on the footy field with aplomb but admits the upheaval of this year’s season and the students learning from home have presented her with an opportunity for growth.

Here is what she had to say:

We think preseason will start sort of November, we’re still waiting to hear about list sizes, that might get reduced a little bit to try and save a bit of money,” she said.

In the meantime, Webb has been navigating the brave new world of online learning, in her role as a school teacher at Brisbane’s Ambrose Treacy College.

I’m probably one of the lucky ones, because I finish earlier in the afternoon and I’ve got weekends off,” she said.
Webb was drafted to the Lions in the first AFLW season and said the long-term goal is for women to be able to play football full-time. But there’s still a fair way to get there,” she said.

We have progressed each year, the competition is growing, the pay scale’s going up slightly,” she said.

It is more than just a pay cheque, according to Dr Pavlidis, who said women need as much training, rest and rehabilitation as the men, to avoid injury and burnout throughout their careers.

We know that AFLW has inspired a generation of girls to start playing the game. That is going to have benefits, beyond our generation,” she said