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‘Service’ in our DNA

As we begin to settle into our school routines and once again familiarize ourselves with College life, it is perhaps a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the role that we play in being a Sign of Faith within the many communities in which we are a part of.

Participation in Service provides the young men at Ambrose Treacy College, with opportunities to utilize their unique skills and talents to assist others. Not only does this have an impact on the communities in which we Serve, it also provides authentic experiences for our students to make connections between the classroom and the real world. An awareness of others and their ability to positively impact our lives, coupled with the recognition of our role to support those living on the margins, is precisely the type of Learning that our Men of Courage receive throughout the Service-Learning program at ATC.

If I respond to hate with love, to violence with kindness, to greed with generosity, to exclusion with acceptance, to confrontation with tolerance then lives are changed. It spreads. It’s contagious.’ – Jean Vernier

A quick Google search of ‘Benefits of Service Learning’ yields 1,130,000,000 responses (in an impressive 0.44 seconds!). Perhaps even more impressive is the 3 million Google Scholar articles associated with this search, indicating a plethora of research-based evidence suggesting that Service = Good. From local childcares to internationally recognized universities, educational institutions are right to promote Service as a way of enhancing their students. We know that performing acts of kindness for others, stimulates all manner of personal growth in our young people. However, if we were to look at Service through an Ambrose Treacy lens, what results would we find? What search engine responses might we see?

Perhaps you would see that Service is in fact part of our school’s DNA. That Service at Ambrose Treacy is uniquely different. Through the example set by Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy, Edmund Rice and of course Jesus Christ, ATC Men of Courage display an intrinsic desire to care for those living on the margins. They display an eagerness and a willingness to contribute to the betterment of their communities. Already in 2019, students have commenced working with Year Level and House Friendship groups, assisting with environmental issues, working with those in aged care, conversing and playing games with residents in specialist high-care facilities, as well as providing comfort and support to those living out of home. A group of Year 11 students are already preparing for their India immersion program, and over 25 others have signed-on to adopt mentor roles in November’s Edmund Rice Youth Camp. 126 people registered for the ATC Clean-Up Australia Day event and 25 students in the Middle School have already committed to the Smith Family’s Reading Buddy program commencing in May. In addition to the wonderful work our students do in the broader community, closer to home, students continue to demonstrate that #WordsMatter through a range of coaching and mentoring roles, tutoring programs, homework clubs and environmental programs.

Service is also embedded in the curriculum of many Formation classes. The video below has been used this Term in the Year Seven Formation curriculum, and it’s a fine example of the joy experienced by others through acts of Service, and how this joy is often reciprocated back to those who willingly assist others, a message that our students consistently report after their involvement in Service activities.

As the school year takes shape, students can now start to consider what role they will play in our Service Program. How can they make a difference? They are encouraged to take up the offers of their Year Level or Head of House and visit a friendship group, as well as participate in one of the many programs, activities and/or events that take place at ATC.

Some of these events and opportunities can be seen by clicking here. Should your son wish to take part in any of these, or if you have any questions as well as any ideas/activities for the #atcmen, please click here to email me.

Andrew McCrohon
Service Program Coordinator