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Seeing Red

What a fantastic start to the year the mighty house of Munster has had. With only 8 Weeks of the academic year under our belt, our House culture is developing in leaps and bounds. As individuals and a group, there have been many accomplishments as we strive for excellence.

Our House Motto “To the brave and faithful; nothing is impossible” really resonates with our young men as they move forward as a unit.

Academically Munster house had many of it’s young men recognised on the Academic Assembly earlier in the term. To compliment this however, Munster has received numerous academic commendations in SEQTA which reflect the enormous effort boys are making in the clasroom. Our boys are encouraged to keep this up and strive for the Excellence in Learning Award presented to Man of Munster at the end of the school year.

The Kings council is well under way, with tomorrow’s leaders engaging in several projects to lift the profile of Munster and aid in the Service hours of our young men. This year to date Munster students have had the opportunity to take part in Clean Up Australia Day, the Gully Clean up and selling raffle tickets for Breast Caner awareness at the Reds Rugby. Next term we will get into the full swing of all things Service, as we engage with our Friendship group Blind Eye Ministries as well as Sporting Wheelies and Tennis Australia.

Week 6 had the Year 9 and 10 Munster Kings away at camp week. With a range of different camps available for our boys, they met each and every challenge with the integrity and tenacity of men twice their age. Even when the Year 9 Currimundi group needed to sail Mr Towner across the passage they took it in their stride! Plenty of future leaders of Munster stood to be counted that day!

We are proud to say that the Munster Kings seem to be involved in all aspects of College life and represent themselves and the school with dignity in all their co-curricular pursuits. From Taiko Drumming, Wind Ensemble, Representative sports, training with Olympians and engaging in Fierce debating, I believe that the future of Munster is strong and I am very proud to be their Head of House.

Paul Towner
Head of Munster House