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Reconciliation Week

As Reconciliation Week unfolds for 2022, it allows us to reflect on how Ambrose Treacy College acts to help close the gaps between First Nations and non-First Nations Australians. As a proud Wakka Wakka and Wuli Wuli man it fills me with joy to see the genuine actions taken by our school community to promote reconciliation in an authentic way.

With the third year of the Clontarf program running out of ATC, we continue to see positive outcomes from our boys and the sense of connection between our families and the College is as strong as it has ever been. Reconciliation is about coming together and here are a couple of ways ATC, Clontarf and our community comes together:

Clontarf Academy Room and Activities

Our Clontarf Academy Room which is situated in the Junior School and is open before school, during both breaks and after school is an inclusive space where all members of our community together. On any given day you will see Clontarf and non-Clontarf boys playing table tennis, eating lunch or listening to Staff Presentations like you see in the photo below given my Deputy Principal, Mr Gardiner.

Every Wednesday at second break you will hear us before you see us. Down at the courts with the speakers blasting you’ll find the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James breaking ankles at the Clontarf 3 on 3 basketball games. Open to boys from all Year levels we like to get out of our room and stay active. Over the past 12 months the Clontarf boys have also run Junior School House Sports Competitions to add structure to lunchtime sports and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Ambrose Treacy College Reconciliation Action Plan is commitment given by the College to the community stating that ATC will take the necessary steps to achieve reconciliation. Ambrose Treacy College is leading Edmund Rice Schools in this space and I am proud to see our staff and students bring this document to life. See this link to the current RAP, reviewed annually.

Cultural Dance

The Ambrose Treacy College Dance Troupe performs at schools, sporting organizations and businesses all over the Southeast Queensland region. In the last year they performed at the Brisbane Broncos Cultural Night, Queensland Police Korowai Ceremony and multiple school Reconciliation and NAIDOC Week celebrations. Our cultures unite and connect us to the boys and they celebrate their pride through these dance opportunities.

Brett Greinke